Desperately pleading with the good gracious of god, the small village is driven remotely to find the root cause of the many of the problems they are forced to face when dealing with the Bloodmoore Sisters and the Shadow Walkers who are frantically trying to diminished the very existence of the new world.   Let alone the amount of obstacles which makes it a challenge for Father Matthew’s to have an advantage point  to destroy the Bloodmoore Sisters and their secret pact with the vampires belonging to Coven of the Shadow Walkers. By destroying their pact the Bloodmoore Sisters will be forced to rely upon The Deceitful Ones to help them with their plan to destroy the Puritans. But if that fails they will have to turn to magic as their last resort.  What could be worse than knowing that there is evil trying to manipulate those not willing to give in?

It is unbelievable to know that with everything that has been happening Juliet O’Bryan and her handmaiden Salina have been venturing in the dense Blakohsh Forest conquering the Coven Elders from their slumbering place to summon a demon they all know as Ardat-Lile; a female demoness who havoc in the dwellings of men. Sounds insane right, but it is not the coven want to bring chaos and destruction to the new world so that there is nothing left but stench of death which will haunt mankind until the end of days. Not even the most powerful witch can change the minds of the Coven Elders since many have tried and failed. Spellbinded by the radical emotion of something far greater than the mystery behind knowing everything, which makes a person so mysterious.

It was half past midnight, and a horrible screeching noise was coming from dense Blakohsh Forest, it sounded like a women screaming but it was said that it was an injured wolverine caught in a hunters trap. It was rumored that a young woman by the name of Annabelle Glenister once lived in a cabin the woods not far from village and  then it was said she was murdered along with her unborn child still in her womb. Years after her tragic death, the villagers believe her cries can still be heard in the late hours of the night where the small cabin once stood.

In all conscience, who would want the innocent dead for the crime haven’t committed. It is completely out of the question to what leads a person to witchcraft. Without any hesitation, I began noticing strange signs that were there previously in and around the village. Disbarred from the truth can only make it difficult because your issue is the manner by which you are to look great and making the dream that you have control over individuals and circumstances, or whether you are going to taste it, appreciate it and figure out reality about whom you are

The End

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