For more than a month had gone by and still Father Matthew’s is still on the hunt for The Bloodmoore Sisters who were believed to have possessed young girls from the village to commit horrific crimes without getting their hands dirty.  Determined to find the infamous Bloodmoore Sisters who are recognized as being the most evasive set of witches known to have influential gifts which in turn makes them very dangerous. Mistrusting those who think they know everything about the world around us is merely hypocritical since the knowledge is all around us with each breath we take.

Soundly as that may sound, I honestly do not think with such absurd behavior could there ever be a more sinister approach in dealing with The Bloodmoore Sisters. Many of the villagers are simply denying the fact that The Bloodmoore Sister are in fact members of their Puritan community who are on a mission to destroy every last member of the community and burn their town to the ground knowing they will not be remembered. Engrossed with the fact that frequent liabilities may take the village by surprise with everything that has been happening over the course of what appears to be months. . All throughout the pristine village lingers dark infinitesimal shadows of existing torment, the rustic brass oil lamps burn bright leaving a radiant glow of illumination, which strives to eradicate the evil doings of The Bloodmoore Sisters whose only desire is to witness the destruction of humankind in all its glory.


Under the cover of darkness Salem is fearful against the deceitful one who appear as lost young girls trying to find their way back home, to make them believe they are innocent young girls when in truth they are old hangs in disguise.  There in the village square stood a young woman with heavy chains convoluted around her fragile neck that is when she began to weep in anguish as the weight of the chains began to weaken her to the point of collapsing in front of Juliet O’Bryan’s house soaked in blood and tears. Minutes later a group of elderly woman crowded the young girl, they began to gawk and point in disgust. Shortly after Salina Mrs. O’Bryan’s handmaiden staggered across the young girl with mutilated wrist and angels which were bonded in leather straps along with barbed wired which were fastened forcefully around her pencil neck, leaving her flesh torn exposing ligaments and bone until the point of death which came at an unforgivable price.

Lying dormant in wait was the transgressionary and elusive Ibrahim Dixon a gentleman and vampire who is described by most as being sophisticated and puts you in mind of a proud lion.  Ibrahim has deep-set blue eyes that are like two pools of water.  His thick, undulating, black hair is long and is worn in a down-to-earth, defined bravura. He is tall and has a lean build with milk white skin, making him very sensitive to daylight.  Sometimes Ibrahim is tempted to take a step into daylight to feel the warmth on his face, but that moment he steps into the light, his skin will begin to burn moment in the sun touches his frail skin. The moment that happens the village will learn a dirty little secret about Ibrahim Dixon and know that he is a vampire in hiding pretending to be a human being and a member of the puritan community. Nevertheless he is still a vampire prepared to kill no matter what the consequences are. 

The End

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