In the dense Blakohsh Forest beyond the outskirts of Salem’s border lies what the entire village are afraid of and that is Otsanda. The Otsanda is a diminutive sycophantic four-legged monster who dwells in places touched by dark powers. It tracks its prey, which includes human, the undead and small less important animals to sustain it hungry appetite. However the Otsanda attacks mainly with its enlarged fangs but uses necrotic energy. It can only be injured when it comes in contact with the tacitum iron which is supposedly harmful and could kill it.  According to the village elders, who have come face to face with the beast, and severed one of its many talons when it tried to attack them without hesitation.  The elders believe that the single talon of the beast can be made into an elixir used for medicinal purposes, to be taken orally and intended to cure one’s illnesses.

Heightened by distraught caused by the high volume of unexpected deaths which has taken the village elders by surprise. Some believe it is the working of a group of witches who call themselves The Bloodmoore Sisters who have a secret pact with The Shadow Walkers to eliminate the puritans for the bullshit religion they call Christianity for what it stands for and that is the notion of fabricated lies being told by the Catholic Church too make the puritans believe that good will always conquer evil….. It is the other way around evil always conquers good before the eyes of God.  . Misconception in others words is something in spite the facts gives light to singling out individuals for the sole purpose of seeking the right answers for the very problem they seeked to get answered. Every answer needs the appropriate respond to each problem that is understood to be interrelated to a set forth response. Let alone the solemnity of the conviction of a possible suspect, which has for more than a few weeks been a continuous objective for the folks of Salem Village. To find the witches responsible for bewitching the innocent and condemning the wicked.


The End

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