Early next morning, I had awoken from a ghastly nightmare, to find myself standing in the middle of the Square half-naked and covered in blood. Not my blood of course, but the blood of a small child that I butchered and then feed to the dogs. There was no easy explanation so I made up story to cover up my tracks. Is it possible that I am still dreaming without really knowing it? If so is there an explanation how I got a hold of a butcher’s meat cleaver, which was gripped, tightly in my grasp.  Before long, I came back to my senses without having ant recollection of what actually happened the night before. Soon after I had made my way back to Almoner’s Inn covered in blood, it was before long that I was approached by none other than Juliet O’Bryan, the wife of Respected Governor Gregory O’Bryan who was not hesitant to discuss Salem’s future with me. Of all people why me. I did not intend to listen, so I nodded politely so that it looked as if I was interested in what she was discussing with me and that is because my mind was elsewhere.

 Soon after speaking with Juliet O’Bryan, she hesitantly went in the direction of Salina handmaiden who was wandering the open marketplace with a woven basket clutched in her grasp when something peeked her curiosity.  It was a snake eye pendent glistening in the morning sun. The pendant had powers of its own, which was somehow connected to Salina in a magical sense. When she got close to the pendant, it started glowing red then suddenly it changed from red back down to black in an instant.  It was something that she had never seen before, so she kept on walking when she bumped into her mistress Mrs. O’Bryan whist in the crowded marketplace shopping for ingredients needed for conjuring evil spirits. Juliet O’Bryan is known around the village as being very deceitful and a prevaricator due to her becoming a witch, after sacrificing and unborn child to Satan in exchange for powers.

On the eve of Black Sabbath, a group of vampires known as The Shadow Walkers was lurking on the outer border of the village whilst craving the warm succulent blood of town’s folks and many of the household pets, which include cats and dogs. Just a few feet from the wooden gates, stood an eight-foot tall Barguest, which can take many forms but usually is a big black disheveled dog with large horns, dangerously large teeth and claws and sweltering red eyes as if from the fiery depths of hell. Upon the death of a protuberant figure, the Barguest kills out its competition by rounding up all the dogs from nearby villages in order for the clan of Shadow Walkers can feed their hungry appetite. However, the Barguest was seen on the outskirts of the village trying to find a simpler way in without being noticed. In the dense forest, surrounding the village the devilish beast lurks, howling to be heard. For a fortnight the beast walks with no rest keeping a close eye on things coming and goings until it is ready to make a swift attack at any given moment.

The End

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