As Magistrate Robert Cain and I too to investigate the decapitated head of Leslie Maxwell, green slim started drip out burning away the grass where the head was positioned. The green slim was overpowering that the smell was starting to make everyone queasy to his or her stomachs; a handkerchief is required if passing by the decapitated head.  As the sky grew darker, the decapitated head suddenly dissolved into solid earth leaving a black spot indicting where it was situated leaving Magistrate Cain dumbfounded whilst I stand nearby watching in curiosity.

By this time, everyone in square started emptying and returning to their stilted homes whilst the women from the whorehouse where trying to find willing customers to have sex with for a quick buck.  Awkwardly enough as I was making my way to The Almoner Inn that is when I caught a group of young girls dancing naked in the woods and sacrificing unfortunate animals around a blazing fire with a Bahamian women whose people believe in voodoo.  On the other hand, I believe that this was the behavior of young moralistic teenage girls. After the town’s elders discovered what the girls had meddled in, they were furious and immediately called upon the town’s doctor, to make a thorough examination; he solemnly determined that the girls were bewitched. It was quite clear that whomever was accountable for this outrageous act was to be brought to justice.  After the commotion died down, it soon began to rain.  As I made my way over to The Almoner Inn, I soon began to realize that village is in for a rude awakening. Deep within the small community, a number of witches are planning something potentially dangerous, which could mean the lives of village townsfolk. Before making my way into the inn, I noticed Juliet O’Bryan and her handmaiden Salina were quietly making their way into the dense Blakohsh Woodland. It was none of my business, continued my way into the inn, and decided to head upstairs to bed I simply had a gut feeling that something was not right. 

The End

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