As I approached, the Puritan village of Salem there was a large crowd of villagers encircling the hangman’s noose where an elderly woman by the name of Itea Winterford was accused of baring the witches and being able to foresee the future before it even happens.  It was said that Itea Winterford possessed the gift of foreseeing the future, which many believed it bore the resemblance of witchcraft. Not knowing that power of premonitions could save the lives of those accused wrongly for being a witch.  Including her own death, which she was unable to foresee before it actually happened.  In spite, the fact that many believe that the power of premonitions is blasphemous before the eye of god, putting Itea Winterford in front of the hangman’s noose to suspend until her lifeless body is no more.  After being dead for several minutes, they cut the rope from around her neck, placed her body on the flat surface of the horse drawn transporter, drove into the depts of the forbidden forest where her lifeless body was thrown in a deep pit, where it was left to decay with other rotting corpses.                                                                                                   

Mercy Lewis is a girl with strange afflictions done by an unknown tormentor, who is later revealed to be none other than Juliet O’Bryan. Obviously once a well-rounded adolescent girl with plump rosy cheeks and golden hair, it was later describe that Mercy could very well have been the picture-perfect village beauty if not for the scars she now endures from her lengthy torment at the hands of witches and by Juliet O’Bryan a sadistic witch turning Salem residents against each other and by watching the villagers tear themselves apart with accusations of all sorts.

Juliet a witch of great power and feared by many of the villagers in Salem. She has become a witch after she sacrificed her unborn baby in exchange for extraordinary powers in the cult of black magic. It was said that Juliet later then devised a plan to use the puritans as guinea pigs so that she can later sacrifice thirteen of them to complete a ritual to let death and disease  take control of the new world and destroy all whom live in it.

During my late afternoon, stroll to the village’s square which is commonly the busiest place during the harvest peak season. As I made my way further in the square, I noticed that the streets were filled with young children playing and an onset of blabbermouths in the square congesting the open market all because they want the fresh scoop on the comings and goings that has evaded the village for some time about a coven of evasive vampires known as The Shadow Walkers; who have been prowling these lands before the puritans destroyed any sign of The Shadow Walkers ever existing. In the distance beyond the borders of Salem, a faint cloud of fog appeared which took the villagers by surprise. Suddenly out of the whitish fog appeared a decapitated head of a puritan child.  Bajang a demon with the ability to take the form of a decisive creature and the vampires known enemy like the taste of warm succulent blood from a human child to retain his strong point when on the pursuit of his next target.  

The End

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