"It'll be sweet, sugar..."

'It will be sweet, sugar...'

The thin man's smile glinted in the lamplight. Emily grunted. She was tired of this crap.

'Not unless I say so,' she muttered, and ran the car right into the man.

She didn't feel anything on the inside, but the man had disappeared. The next instant, however, she'd turned into another street, and the man appeared on the corner.

'It will be sweet, sugar...'

'Up yours!' Emily exclaimed, trying to run the man over again.

Once again, she felt nothing inside the car. But now she felt she'd be seeing him again soon.

'Would you stop that, please?' said a voice from the passenger's seat.

Emily gasped and braked. She looked to her right. A strange-looking though handsome young man was sitting there, looking at her. One of his eyes was blue, the other brown.

'Who are you?' Emily asked, panicking.

'I'm here to help,' the man answered.

'What's your name? Help me with what? How the hell did you get in?' Emily asked.

Before she could start hyperventilating she took a bottle of water from her bag and had several gulps. The cold liquid cleared her throat and her mind.

'My name is David, and I want to help you stay alive. Please, trust me. Don't go to your parents' place. Just don't go. Don't call them, either,' said the man.

The End

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