Emily leaves and decideds to drive to the police station.

Emily leaves and decides to drive to the police station.  She couldn't believe her boyfriend, Brad, would do this to her.  He said that he would always be there for her; where was he now?

When she arrived at the station, she parked her car, and then took a deep breath.  As she was walking in she realized that she had never been in a police staton before.  She went in and walked up to the counter.  There was an officer there and she waited for a moment but he didn't acknowledge her.

"Excuse me, sir."  She said nervously.  "I need to report a death threat."

"I"ll be with you in a minute."  He told her.

"Someone is going to kill me, you have to help me."  She was now getting angry.

"Okay, what is it.  You said someone wants to kill you?"

She told him about the messages online and the cell phone call.

"This sounds to me like a prank.  Must be someone trying to scare you."

"How can you be sure.  He threatened me, he's watching me, knows where I live."

"Listen, can you stay at a friends house tonight maybe?  Things will look different in the morning."

"You're a police officer; you're supposed ot help people."

"Honey, I don't have enough manpower to go after every prank phone call, sorry."

Emily turned and saw some chairs by the window.  She sat down placing her elbows on her knees with her hands cradling her face.

"Don't let him bug you."  She heard someone say.  She looked up and saw a very handsome man of about 30.

"You seem very troubled.  What's the problem."  The stranger said.

Emily wasn't sure that she should talk to this man.  He wasn't in uniform, wasn't a policeman.

"Im Detective Warren.  Let's go back to my officer and you can tell me what you told Officer Braddock.  I promise that I will listen."

The End

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