As they were walking down the empty hall he suddenly grabbed Emily by the arm, opened a door and they both went in.

The man pointed to a chair at a desk at the far end of the room and motioned for Emily to sit. Still not quite sure what to make of this individual, she comforted herself with the fact that at least she was in a police station with hundreds of officers around her. She sat down in the chair in front of a mahogany desk, with a computer that seemed more high tech than the ones she had seen throughout the rest of the precinct.  She gazed around the room seeking something that will finally put her mind at ease, about the mysterious unidentified man who snatched her up in the hall a minute ago and forced her into this office.

Detective Warren sat down behind his desk and began to key something into his system seemingly oblivious to the Emily. She sat in front of him bewildered. With all that had taken place earlier in the evening she was on edge and the indifferent treatment she had received from the other officer hadn't made things any better. As far as she was concerned this man here potentially could have been the same crazy person who sent the weird online messages.

After ten uncomfortable minutes he looked up from his monitor, directly into Emily's eyes. It was a piercing look that seemed to penetrate her like a thousand needles entering and exiting. Emily trying to break the silence and vainly triedto get back a sense of control of the situation stared back at the officer. "Why have you brought me in here?".  His look softened as he sense he must have made the situation more tense than put her at ease. He relaxed a little bit and began to explain the situation to her. "Ma'am,"  he began in a calm voice, "I apologize for my rough handling of you, but I have to maintain my cover as much as possible". Emily was perplexed. Why did he have to have cover in a police station? "My name is Agent Thibeddeaux, FBI Cyber Crimes Division. I over heard your conversation with the officer at the desk, which is part of the reason why I have this assignment. Your case is not unique, however we have reason to believe that your online stalker is probably someone who works in this precinct."

The End

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