Emily snorts and types "Nice line, douche. Did you just watch Scream?"

PuBear357: Nice line, douche. Did you just watch Scream?"

Noah Logan: LOL! No, but I did just watch you take a shower bitch!

Emily looks up from her laptop in error as he realies she is being watched. She runs to grab her cell phone. She flips it opens but her phone is already ringing.

"Hello....," Emily says.

"So are you ready to find out how you die tonight you smart mouth bitch!" shouts the voice on the other end.

Emily drops the phone. She runs to her closet and slides on a pair or sweat pants and some flip flops. She then runs down the stairs and grabs her purse and car keys and runs out of the house. She runs to her SUV and jumps in the car. She puts the keys into the ignition and speeds out of the drive way. Her mind is racing for what to do. She decides to drive over to her boyfriends apartment and spend the night with him.

She pulls into his apartment complex and looks up and sees that the light in his apartment is on. She looks up and see him standing near the window and he seems to be talking to someone. A woman then comes into the frame of the window. Her boyfriend and the girl start kissing.

"That mothafucker!" says Emily.

But before she can get out of the car she sees a card sitting on the passangers seat. She picks it up and opens it. Inside it reads:

"The Way You Die Tonight Will Be Sweet, Sugar."

The End

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