Emily's heart skips a beat, and she quickly closes the im window.

Emily's heart skipped a beat and she quickly closed the im window, then opened her instant messanger, removed Noah Logan from her friend's list and blocked any future messages from him.

She sighed and leaned back in her chair. Just some nut who liked the horror stories she wrote on her blog, clearly, but it was creepy all the same. Whatever, she thought, serves me right, if anyone should be immune to stupid threats like that, it should be me.

Her im chimed again, and she jumped in her chair. She cursed and laughed, seeing it was her mother sending her a message. What an idiot I am, she thought. Well, at least "Noah Logan" couldn't im her any more.


Pu_mom: hey there, sunshine.

PuBear357: Sunshine? That's a new one.

Pu_mom: beats calling you a dead whore.

PuBear357: Uh....well, yeah....Are you okay?

Pu_mom: i'm ok.

PuBear357: You sure? You're acting funny.

Pu_mom: i'm ok. but i'm not ur mom.

PuBear357: What?

Pu_mom: ur mom's not really up to talking. so i thought i'd fill in 4 her. and besides, i haven't told you the way you die tonight. so..2 birds, 1 stone, u know?

The End

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