The Way You Die Tonight

Emily was checking for emails when the distinctive chime of her instant messenger program alerted her to a new message.

Noah Logan wants to be your friend. Will you accept instant messages from Noah Logan and allow him to add you as a friend?

Yes        No


Emily frowned. Noah Logan? She didn't know the name, but clicked on Yes anyway, as she usually did. She had received similar friend invites from people who read her blog or her Facebook page, and they usually im'ed once or twice and then never again. But every once in a while she'd meet someone who she enjoyed talking to. Usually, it was a fellow web designer or coder. They were nice to have as friends to bounce ideas off of or ask for suggestions when she was stuck.

Her im program chimed again, and a message popped up.

Noah Logan: hi emily.

PuBear357: Hey. Do I know you?

Noah Logan: no. but i know u.

PuBear357: From my blog?

Noah Logan: not from your blog.

PuBear357: And?

Noah Logan: and i'm going to tell you the way you die tonight.


The End

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