4. Portent

It struck me now and then that there was little animal life. I knew that all the bombing had practically obliterated any fauna close-by whether directly or by poisoning but I had never imagined complete desolation. Not like what I was seeing. Man had known some of the dangers and then learned how to survive but it could not last forever. Not without that perfect balance of the ecosystem. My own little tribe had managed to keep a good few of the cows and sheep but I wasn't sure they could last. We had partially relied on tins from our home villages for the first year or so, but they had run out quicker than anticipated. They had though, managed to keep us alive until we could harvest a crop on unspoiled lands.

Passing through the train station where we had parted was extremely painful. I could see my mum on the overgrown platform; shocked and bewildered. I saw the replay then imagined what came next. I saw the figure of my mother break down sobbing, kneeling on the platform. She'd loved us so much and somewhere, she still did.

I hope that dreams do not portend. I woke shivering to the new day, with an imbroglio of questions filling my head. I had seen a luminescent current of silver light carrying my worldly ties in her jaws. Jamie was at my side running over mown, glistening emerald grass. My mum was at my aunty Liz's wedding, smiling brightly. Memories of my contented childhood. Then the silver moon I had stared at three nights ago joined by the way Ayden's lips had burned against mine two days before that... Then the dream changed. It had shown the rusted train tracks I had followed for the last few days fading in and out of darkness. It showed me quavering in my sleep; looking sickly and aged. Then the silvery current washed away the tide of visions. Leaving just one in it's wake. The most painful thing I had ever seen in my life. I was in a shelter on a double bed and I turned and saw Ayden propped in a corner. Still, so still. He wasn't breathing.

It had felt like I was running, always running; fast and afraid like the rabbit fleeing the fox but I was human, fleeing only my own sorrow. Ayden meant so much to me. I had never needed to try with him. Never had I felt that something was expected of me. Ayden had been my life for the last five years. My other friends seemed so vague in comparison that I started to cry. I felt like I was betraying them.

The End

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