The Way the Wind Blows

England- present day. War has torn the Earth apart and the human race is in tatters. The story follows a teenage girl on a quest to find her brother, seperated in the evacuation. A tale of love between siblings and friends and showing just what people will do when they are truly desperate.
This was English Coursework.

A shriek echoes behind a redbrick semi-detached house.

"I'm gonna get ya!" the childish words of an eleven year old girl rushing round the side of the house, chocolate brown hair flying out behind her in contrast to her pale skin as she runs to search for her younger brother. Her young ears hear a small giggle and her quick, sensitive hazel eyes dart to a bush on the opposite side of the lawn espying a small ball of movement, particularly a small patch of dark spiky brown similar to her own hair colour. The girl grinned,

"Now where could that annoying little brother of mine be?" she said convincingly.

 "Under here?" she says picking up a bucket. Another giggle.

"No, no, no" she sighs, theatrically,

"he's much too fat".

"Hey!" the boy emerges ready to do battle.

"Oh there you are oh wonderful brother of mine". A  passer-by grins.

"Now you two play nice. You don't want to stress your mother now do you!? There's a war on Kayley". The girl runs towards her over the browning lawn shouting;

"NATTY". The name had stuck from when her and Jamie couldn't pronounce Aunty. The children's mother steps out of the house, wiping her small hands on a fraying, lilac apron.

"Ah Liz, I was wondering when you would stop by". She looked as though she'd been crying.

"Mum?" asks Jamie,

"you kay?".

"Yes darling, I'm fine. You just keep playing" His face brightens immediately; too young to know to pursue the matter further.

"Kay mum" She watches him run off without a care and her eyes glisten.

"Liz I need a chat". Liz looked slightly bewildered crossing the lawn, swinging her shopping bags as she went, then going into the house. Kayley tried to follow. Grown up children, she thought, should have grown up chats; but her mum closed the door. She could take a hint. She looked to the kitchen window, speculatively... But that didn't mean she was going to pay attention to it. I'm on a mission, she thinks, as she attempts to balance on some old, up-turned plant pots. Shaken not stirred, she intones in her head and presses her ear against the wall. Her mother is speaking.

"... got the letter through today and I don't know what to do" a pause.

"I don't know Ali" a shortened form of Alison. A chair scrapes across the floor.

 "How long do you have until..." She cuts off hesitantly.

"Three weeks" whispers mother. Jamie skips up happily to his eavesdropping sister.

"Wanna play 1, 2, 3 donya?" he asks. Kayley shushes her brother an replies in a low voice,

"I'm trying to listen. His mouth widens into an O.

"But that's naughty" Realisation. He grins and presses his ear against the wall too, inciting a push and shove match for position.

"Ouch that hurt",

"well you did it to me first". They shut up, exchanging glares.

"Have you told them?" says Liz.

"Would you?" replies the mother. Liz falters.

"I suppose not yet" a conflicted answer.

"They talking bout us?" whispers Jamie loudly and his sister hurries to quiet him,  pressing her ear against the wall again, until the pattern of the bricks is imprinted on her pale cheek.

"I just can't believe it" mother again.

"I knew, that they had to be evacuated,". The children freeze, their eyes locked together, a mirror image of half-shock on their faces.

"But separately?" Kayley collapses.

The End

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