' The way the blood runs down'


It  was  a   cold, damp and dark october evening, the wind  was  starting  to change  and the whole village seemed different. I had  walked this  routed before but as I  was walking  towards the local inn all I  noticed a certain  chill in  the air.  I could  hear  the sign  of the inn squeaking, leaves blowing around  the street, normal  I  know   but,  as  they  moved  around  it they oddly  out of  place  as  if  something  was amiss, then  the inn  door opened  suddenley  and  with   a   loud   bang.   In   the  door  way  a dark  figure    stood, tall and frightening sending a chill down my spine.  The chill heightened my senses and immediately turned only to notice another figure walking towards me. I had been in the inn, many times  before but tonight was different, unusally cold and with only a moment to take a breath more  people started approaching the inn. I couldn't  put my finger on what was wrong, it just wasn't right,something was diffe rent but what I couldn't tell you.

Suddenly, the door swung open and groups of people started to walk past me. Then they started to whisper then split up. A chill was running through my veins, it was time to go. I walked towards the woods, I could hardly breath then a large figure appeared from nowhere then another. 'Hello' the first stranger said. 'Hello' I replied,I looked at the other person but they remained silent. 'You look a little scared, would you like us to walk you home?' the first stranger said. 'Yes' I said without thinking. Strangely I felt at ease with this stranger, there was a warmth in him I wanted to as so many  questions, just as I drew breath to as his name I was home. 'would you like to meet again ?' I said i'm not sure why I wanted  to meet again I just wanted to. To my amazement he said 'Yes'. I walked to my door and turned to say goodbyebut he was gone. My heart was r acing  I could not wait to meet this strange man again.

Meanwhile  as  the  night  went  on  strange  killings  were   happening   through  out  the   village,  the   night  was  darker   and   colder   than   it  had  ever  been  before.   The  streams  ran  red   with  blood,   and    screams    filled  the  air.   I   walked towards  my window  and  saw   something  move  in  the  shadows,  I   felt  a  strange  presents   and   needed  to go   out  and investigate.  I  could  see  my    breath   in  the  air,  there  was  a  sudden  rustling   and    a   large  fowl  smelling   two   head   wolf    appeared.  I   fell  to  my  knees  and  could   not  move,    fear  rushed   through   my  body.  The   fowl     beast  walked   towards  me,   it   stood    over  me  the drool   from   its  mouth   fell  on  my  head  I  shook  with   fear.   It  smelt  me and growled   'N0   your  not  it'   I    was   shaking   with  fear  and    asked  'what  do   you  mean',   Your    not  the  right  blood'.  The  next  morning   I   woke    questioning  the  previous  nights  events,  I   needed    some  answers.  At    the     end    of    the     village    lived    a  man  in  a  tiny   stone  hut,  this   man   was  the   oldest   and  the     most   wise  person   I  knew.  I   knocked    on  his    door,  this   old   man   with   a    long   silver   beard   opened   the  door,   'Yes dear' he  said.   'I  need  some  advice, please'   I   said.   His  words  to  me   were  ' do  not  look   too  deep  dear,  or  you  will  be in danger',  'I  saw   a  two  headed   wolf  last   night'   I  shouted.  'That's  not  all   you  saw dear'  he said,   'what'  I  said.    'Look,  these   are    bad  time's  a        blood  line    needs  to  be  found   and    wizards  are   making   creatures   that  are  not  normal'  he  said  with  that   he   said  goodbye  and  closed  the   door.

I  decided  to   go  to  the  keepers   of   the   village  they  lived  in  the    castle   at  top  of   the  hill,  to  see if   there   was  any   chance  of   help    from   the  knights   with   their   soldiers.    To   help  us  explore   the   grounds  to  see  why  it  feels   so  strange,  and  whats  been  causing  theses   events.  They   went   into  town   to  explored   what    has       been   happening,   then  to   the  woods  to  see  what  the   screams  were,  someone  said  come  quick   'over  here, look'   theres   someone  over there .  So    I     went to  see  what   it  was,  it  was a   person  laying  in  a pool   of   blood  with   a chunk  taken  out  of  there  neck,  loads  of  blood  was  running   down the  pathways.

Days   passed  since   they   found   the  body   laying   on  the   pathway. A   witness   came  forward,  they  saw  the  person  getting    killed, the   witness  keeps   getting   flash  backs    of    the    night   but  cant   make  out   who   it  was.  In  the  mean  time  blood  was    running  though   the   cracks  of  the   pathways    leading  to town.  Everyone  was  talking   about   what  happened.  Soldiers   were   now  posted   to   maintain  some  sort   of    order   in   the  village.  On   the   night  shift   the  soldiers  were  feeling   uneasy,    shadows  were  moving   and  the  night   air   had   turned   so  cold   you   could   see   your  breath.   One  soldier  said  "did  you  see  that"   " What"  said   the  other  soldier.    "It  was  a   ghost "   "christ     your  right"    said  the  second   soldier.   " I'm  not  staying   here"  they  both   said  and  started  to  walk  to  report  there  findings  to  the  knights    at  the  castle.

The   soldiers  both  headed  back  to  the  castle,  the closer  they  got  to   the  castle  the  stranger  things  seemed.   Normally   on   the  walk  to  the  castle   you   would  come    across  a   few  vampires  trying  to lure  you  into  there layers  or  a   werewolf   or  two  trying   to   sniff  you  and   have   a  free dinner.   But  on   this  this   night  there   was   nothing,  you  got   the  feeling  that  you  were  being  watched, you  could  hear  a whispers  in  the  woods  but  no   one  would  come  out.  The  oldest   family  in  the  village   live   in a  large    house  near  the  river,   the    familys  youngest   son   has  fled  the  home  and  is  the  practicing    the  dark  ways.  This   is  making   him   more   powerful   and   is   warping   his   mind.   The  gossip   between  the  guards  was   that   he   was  trying   to  destroy    the   world.   Destroying   everything,   he  is  making  two  headed  wolfs   and   two   headed  vampires   there  are  the  bad  ones   and   the   only   one   thing   is   wrong   and  its  getting   worse  the   mist   is  turning   up  and   there  are  sounds  coming  from  a  distance  and  it  sounds  like  hissing   sounds,   one  of  the    guards    said   I   take   a look  around   he  saw    through  a   gap   theres  a   two   headed   snake   and  a  two   headed  troll   and   a  two   headed   knights      so    he  went   back  and  said     we   got   to   have   a   meeting  with   the   village  and   with   the   knights  and   soldiers to    come  up  with   a  plan    to  sort   out   whats  is   happening  all  over.

In   the  mean  time  some  more  people  that   live   down   near   the   river     saw     someone   throw   stones   at   some   rocks    but     not    to    far    away   is  a house   in     the   woods    a  person   standing    at   the    riverside   not knowing   he  his   being watched  by   some  gang  hanging   around   in   the  mean    time    one     of    them   seen  blood   running    down   the    river,       And   the   people    in    there                    was   wondering  what  to  do    next  if   there   were  on   the     menu  or  go  in   to    hiding   themselfs     or       justed        stay  right   out  of   there   way   so  that   they  dont    get   any     idea       that    anyone  noticed    them   watching   at    the   house, where they live but the only one thing there did not know that they knew who there already are because one of them are already there inside the house, he did not need a disguise as one of them, so he joined them, so he know what blood runs in this line in the family line, so, they are safe from the group and became friends with the group .  So the group started to talk and asked them where are you all from they said we were all up near the tavern and a castle, and city near a village close near the woods, someone said a strange man lives nearby and he seems creepy and that the house seems creepy and haunted too. So many things have been happening in these towns, strange things you know.  Someone said there is rumours going around there looking around for the right heirs for the blood line, and the remaining family left around the towns.

Someone in the group better go and find a soldier and tell them, what has happened and what the powerful wizard done, and, how are we going to stop and tell them we are thinking of a idea.We would like to meet up with the knight and tell him, some of us would count on your help to help us get rid of all the horrible nasty creatures. All we need is silver bullets and even arrows making too, and even plenty of stakes also for  plenty of firewood for a fire. In the meantime someone needs to go and see if they can get plenty of holy water for us to use on the ghosts at the very haunted house. Some people have been up there have heard banging and screams, that s why not a lot of people go up that way. As they stand still talking, someone saw something odd one night it started to become misting in the air, then someone standing at the window they said it was so spooky nobody dare goes anywhere near, they even said someone tried to bet some person to go, but they turned  round and said no, but they will if I arrange for a group of us to and see what is exactly happening around up there, its worth a try don't you think, if we go and ask them, as they agree to get someone to pick them up the next day. some went to get stuff ready and some went to tell the knight what was happening and he agreed as he wanted to know what was happening at the house, at least he knows there is a group of them and he said he will get a troop of guards that check every hour, while you all at the house overnight.

There were rumours that the witches and warlords are brewing something up around the forest paths, so we got to keep watch out for them we can't trust them. In the meantime back at the haunted house where the group was sitting and laughing and joking about in there they heard a banging noise and a scream then all  of a sudden the misting started to appear near the window as they were trying to keep very quiet in the room while the ghosts are about, all of a sudden it was getting strange they noticed more appearing in the room with them.

'Part Two'

As everybody knows, that the soldiers and knights need to prepare for battle against whats going to happen in town, and around in other places in the woods and near the haunted house where strange things have been happening.

The End

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