Being Over It, MaybeMature

   For ove a year I was told all these beautiful, wonderful things. They filled up my head and hugged the barriers of my heart. You didn't love me but you said you did, you probably didn't think I was beautiful but you said you did. I kept trying to push you away but you came back to me. Even when you had a girlfriend you came back to me. My heart is sore even if we were nothing. To me, you were my friend. I cared for you. I thought it was right of my to tell you know. I didn't love you and I told you so. Why does it hurt me so much? Is this even hurt over you? Or is it me wanting something that I could of had? I wanted the idea of you. You told these things to other girls and even though I didn't love you you had an impact. Added another brick to my wall, another thorn to my rose. Thank you for breaking a part of me and taking that with you. If you read this then you'd see why I said no but you won't read this and I'll drift away in my darkening thoughts.

The End

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