Sisterly Hate.Mature

    It's kind of like,  how can I do a follow up to that? That was wow. I forgot I had written that. Today, how many times have I cried? I don't know, 4 or 5? Funny thing, I was happy this morning. Happy. Went to school, talked to friends, but then it started. I hurt my friend. First time I cried today, I hurt him and in the process, I hurt my heart. Went to see a great movie, cried during that movie. Now this.

     Really, what did I do? Am I wrong for talking to my dad, for forgiving him? Well, here's how it is:

    I love him, even if he's a crappy dad. You lived with him, saw him everyday, you had him. I spent the night. You made me feel like an outsider, you made me feel unloved. Do you know how long and hard I cried? I had dreams, and I wanted a dad. I wanted sisters who loved me. I don't think you know the impact you had on me. You told me you hated me. It's not my fault that my mom and your mom hate each other. That I don't like drunks. Sorry, but I know a liar and alcoholic when I see one. I don't know her, anymore. Sorry. 



                                                                                                                               Your Sister.

The End

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