End ResultMature

   I know what you guys are thinking. That chick is crazy. She is just delusional and absurd. You might be right. About the crazy and absurd crap. I am crazy, I am absurd. Deal with it. I am not bothered by your accusations or fierce glares. You, who think of me as a quiet, book-worm. I will laugh in your faces. I enjoy your criticism, your rejection, your "observations". Call me all the names you can think of, please.

   You think it hurts me? You think it bothers me? What you say? My reaction is simply smiling. I don't smile to hide the pain you cause or the anger you make rise inside my chest. I smile because life is more than your petty insults and occasional stings. I may not be immune, but you are not going to make me cry. Keep trying and make a fool of yourself.

   PLEASE! I have my life to live and I don't plan on living in your shadows, feeling the edges of life. You call me stuck up and many other insults that you use to try and slash my heart. I'm stuck up? I did not know that being shy is now considered stuck up. Excuse me. You think your bad. Exclaiming your pregnant and lesbian. You brag that you're so ghetto.

    Little girl, you do not know the meaning of ghetto. You think you are better than me. More real than I am. I don't consider myself bad or anything else. I am me and that's all I am. All I want to be. I'm sorry that your life is so hard and you feel pain. I'm truly sorry you don't have the reassurance that I have, the comfort. I'm sorry you're confused and don't understand me and my beliefs.

   I am shy, or I was, and I try my best. What else can I say to you? Call me religious, but your answers are with God. Just ask. You know, it all comes down to the end result. What road are you going to choose? Ask yourself before you take the wrong road and end up at the bottom of a never-ending black hole.

The End

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