The Way

The Way is a world where everyone is a wanderer. It follows the story of Rhue of Landorin, a young wanderer on a quest to regain a piece of his past. With his hopes diminishing further each day, he is setting a frantic pace for himself, desperate for a clue that may lead him to that which he lost so many years ago. However, his situation and that of many others is about to become deadly when a shadow figure begins a murderous spree of destruction.

Where are you?

He stood at the edge of a large rock, staring out at the emerald plains and hazy mountains in the distance. Many would find such a sight beautiful, but to him it was just another stretch he had to wander through. He was wearing blue, except for his gloves, boots, belt, and strap that kept a sword fastened to his back, which were orange. A soft gust of wind blew against his face. He closed his eyes under his tousled hair, which was a distinct shade of brown, neither dark or light. And so another day of wandering had begun. He stepped off the rock, focused on the long journey ahead of him.

It had been a long time since the day he was forced to leave his parents and wander The Way on his own. It was also the day that he last saw ... her. Her absence ached like a festering wound. Every passing day only filled him with more anxiety. He followed a trail that meandered its way through the trees. Though the morning sun streamed through the canopy of leaves above, heavy shadows dominated the path. Unknown to him, an indistinguishable figure was lurking in the darkness. 

He walked along the river and watched the water flow serenely by. Small waves lapped over the rocks, a sound that soothed his racing heart and troubled mind. He smiled to himself when he saw a small frog hopping around a lopsided stone, knowing it didn’t have a care in the world except eating and not being eaten. He knew he would find her someday. Or else he would never have any peace.

The End

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