The news that changed everything

The next day both my parents an d Anna came into my room, I could hear my dad drop down onto the chair to my left, my mum sat on my right and Anna stood next to her and held my hand. I thought this was a bit strange, maybe they were going to tell me that they have decided to switch my life support off. Could this be the moment my family tell me I'm going to die, because they've decided so? All I could think about was how desperate my situation was; I had no idea how selfish I was being.

My mum started the conversation - "there's no easy way to tell you this so - so... I can't do it!" she whispered and started to weep, Anna tried to comfort her. Whilst my dad took over talking to me, "darling, I've got some bad news, well... I'm not sure that you can hear me but if you can, brace yourself. Anna told you that Jimmy was depressed and was getting help, but someone found him in the toilets - I'm so sorry Daisy, but he's hung himself."

"we're so sorry." Anna said, squeezing my hand. Mum couldn't manage to get any words out, through the tears. We all sat in silence - well of course I was silent.

My mind was running away without me, Jimmy couldn't be dead... could he?

That moment, right there. Was when I realised I could not survive this.

Weeks, months of pain, wishing my body would give into the darkness. Unfortunately for me, the darkness didn't seem to be tempting enough. Now though, I welcomed it. Like a new born child into my arms.

I awoke one day, with a continuous drone screeching through my head. People rushed through the door, banging, making lots of noise - I wish they would just shut up! Then familiar voices, dad, mum and Anna. Their voices normally comforted me, instead they ripped through me. Screams of terror, anger and pain were all I heard, they ripped through me with such force that I thought my heart was actually going to tare through my chest. After minutes of shaking, sweating, slipping in and out of conciousness; in and out of the darkness. Is this what dieing felt like? It can't be, it's not painful enough. Months of pain and suffering, ascending to this? I used to fear death, the darkness. Now I'm glad to embrace it. The last thought to run thorugh my head; "Goodbye Mum, Dad, Anna - I love you so much."
Then, there was a bright light growing infront of me. Out of the light came Jimmy's face, "Long time no see." He said, and that moment, right there. Was when I realised I did not survive this, but I also realised that I would be alright.

The End

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