The Waterfall

Two friends come accross a waterfall, and they end up in terrible trouble, fighting for their lives. Will they survive? Only they know.

I knew my friend was wild and daring, but this is taking it to a new extreme.

We had wondereed into a forest, with big dark impowering trees. It came out into a clearing with a river; we walked along the river, and after a while, we felt spray gently covering our faces, we walked briskly and soon came to a waterfall, the deadly continuous roar, echoed, which amplified the sound. The jagged rocks jutted out of the harsh flowing water. A shiver of doubt, and fear swept through my body with just looking at it. I said to my friend, Jimmy, "maybe we should go back home, this looks too dangerous!"

He obviously ignored my opinion and replied, "oh come on, wherre's your sense of adventure?"

I stood silently, I didn't want to show my dread, although I really wanted to just turn around and keep walking, but I could not leve Jimmy. What if he did something stupid, no one would be here to help him.

As I pondered in my thoughts, he had already begun to climb the ferocious rocks. I was terrified, how could he think he could scale a waterfall this vicious..?!

He got nearly half way up, when I saw he was struggling, the strength in his arms was beginning to fade and he was not able to haul himself up. His foot slipped, my body tensed, the rocks broke away beneath his feet, and crashed into the icy river below.

He held on with all his strength, but he was no match for the water rushing past him, he fell, I froze as I saw his tierd body fall through the warm spring air. He splashed into the freezing water; waves engulfed him into the unknown and the terrifying. I immediately dived in, cold rushed through me, but I forced my frozen muscles to work. I searched for Jimmy I couldn't find him and I started to panic, but then out of the corner of my eye I saw his head disappear below the surface of the water. I kicked my legs to propel me forwards. I grabbed hold of his body - made sure his head was above the surface - wedge myself onto a branch, which was caught between two rocks. There was no strnegth left in me to pull myself out of the river, let alone Jimmy as well.

I tried to stay awake but I was so tierd, my chest felt like it was closing in on itself, I was breathing as deeply as I could, but from what I could feel it wasn't helping at all. I suddenly realised that my head was searing with pain, so I put my hand to my forehead; I brought my hand down and saw it was dripping with blood. I groaned in agony as the cold water crept its way into my massive wound. My neck was icy cold and water kept splashing down my throat which made it sting. I made sure Jimmy was wedged also, just in case I let go of him - because the thought of him washing away was horrible, and made my grip around him tighten.

I knew I was falling into a sleep I might not wake up from, I wasn't scared though, and I didn't regret what I did. If it happened again I was sure I would have done the same.

Memories of my past - plans for the future - and thoughts of my situation, ran through my head all at once, which made it even harder for me to concentrate.

Eventually I closed my eyes, but instead of blackness - I was floating through the sky, like there I had no care in the world. I looked down, and surprisingly I saw the river, twisting and turning for as far as I could see.

The blue sky slowly turned darker, and I slipped away, everything went black.  

The End

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