A New Ally

Liite had worked her way through the streets of the small town, she was becoming more and more nervous as she came towards the docks. She had been told since she was a child that humans were not to be trusted, that they were only interested in personal gain. Her first meeting with the human hadn't done anything to dispell her preconceptions.

The docks were almost as busy as the main town. People were carrying from the streets and onto massive galleons. Men wearing dirty rags and carrying curved blades were being bossed around by men in lavish clothing. People were scribbling on bits of paper, throwing large packages off the ships or rehanging sails. The sqwauks of seagulls could be heard over the chatter of the docks.

Looking around the buildings were built in the same style as the main town. Great wooden beasts crewed by dirty, savage looking humans rocked gently at the docks and out at sea. Held in place by gigantic ropes. One ship was beginning to sail, the captain barked orders as men scurried about upon it. The sea glistened in the sun and the gentle lapping of the waves added a sense of calm to the chaos. Gigantic storm whales could be seen in the distance, patrolling the sky above the sea.

After taking in her surroundings Liite decided to begin her search. She trawled through the huge crowds of people, keeping her distance where she could. She tried not to make eye contact as she was pushed around. She searched for at least an hour for a man who looked suitable for her cause. In the end she gave up, she didn't have the nerve to speak to anybody. She threw herself down near a ship labelled 'Ocean Runner' and huffed.

She cursed herself for not being more assertive, coming close to tears she began to think her search was hopeless. She had failed her Mother and her people. She had failed herself and if she couldn't find aid she had failed them all again. Tears began to fall from her eyes, she didn't notice the shadow of a man stretch over her.

"Hey Lass. No need for tears now. What brings you to my ship?" A deep voice came from the man. Liite turned to see a tall man, dressed in a lavish red coat. He had a Tricorne hat and long blonde locks. His blue eyes shined in the sun and he flashed a dazzling handsome smile. His Jacket was adorned with gold buttons and he carried a rapier. He held out his hand. Liite took it and he helped her up.

"Do you think you can help me?" Liite stammered. The words were broken, queit and barely audible.

"Well come inside and we can talk. No job is to big for the great Captain Henry and his crew!" He struck a heroic pose, placing one fist over his heart and the over in salute. He had one leg up on a random box as he did so, Liite held back a giggle at his ridiculous pose. She didn't hold much hope with this Henry man but anything was worth a try.

The End

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