Port Town

Liite had not taken long to disguise herself,  a thin layer of water wrapped round her body and making her the size of a normal human. The outside of it then tanned and she was human. She looked around in rubbish containers and found an old dress and black cloak. It was slightly to small for her new form, but Liite didn't care. She crept round the corner and looked into the town.

The Port Towns main square was brimming with life. Market tradesman shouted about there products to passers by and men gathered in the streets holding signs for shops or Mercenary Jobs. Groups of women huddled in groups and gossiped whilst every now and again a mother could be seen tugging a screaming child accross the streets. Above the noise of hundreds of voices sounds of great steel contraptions could be heard as they landed near the docks. Men ran up and down their loading ramps carring all sorts of equipment.

Liite began to stroll through the streets, Stone pavements wove in between the houses and carts drawn by horses carried on noisily down the street. She decided that someone here would be the one to help her so she approached the first strong looking man she could find.

"Excuse me?" She mewed at the man, he looked round and down at Liite. He was huge, incredibly broad shoulders and an overall massive frame was supported by equally broad legs.

"Sure missy!" The man almost shouted with cheer. "What can I do you for?"

"Well I need help, people who can fight." Liite began, she was intimidated by the mans great height and breadth.

"Well you'll find a lot of them here."

"Well the thing is, I need a group to accompany me into the forest."

The mans square face twisted into a smile, then he burst out laughing.

"The enchanted forest!" The man boomed. "Haha you'll never find a sane man who will go into that place missy. You''l know aswell as I do that its fully of demons. Tricksy Sprites, Angry Trees and other things. Oh no Missy you'll never catch me in their!" The man was already walking away before he finished what he was saying. Tears began to drop from Liites eyes.

She began to run, hauling the hood of her cloak over her head as she did so. She ran until she was outside of the Market place, she leant against one of Port towns many Alpine style buildings and wept. She looked up at the great city of Triton, although miles away she could see it clearly, the bottom was blocked by fog. The top however was a brilliant circular plate with three below it. Each one had buildings on it and each one was connected by the flying contraptions that flew between them.

"Don't even consider it" A familiar low monotone voice sounded behind Liite. Her heart lept and she spun round to see Kojiros head popping out of the shadows of the building. "The city of Triton is an evil place. Full of evil technology. There are armored men who look into your soul and turn it to ice. There are weapons the humans call guns. Evil things that fire metal to kill the foes. All who go there are enslaved by the cities malice and non-humans aren't permitted there."

"But Kojiro." Liite wept. "The people here won't help me, I have knowhere to turn, I have failed again." Liites voice began to turn angry and Kojiro hushed her with a wave of his hand before she could continue.

"Go to the docks. The men there are mad even by a humans standard. Listen Liite, a humans heart although good, is easily touched by evil. Do you understand?" Liite nodded but didn't say a word. "You have been asking the wrong people Liite, find a man named Henry, he is a captain. A good man. However do not allow yourself to forget my warning."

Liite nodded as Kojiro left again, Liite stepped back into the town and started by asking directions to the docks.

The End

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