The Shadow Beings

Liite darted through the forest. She knew she was near her new destination. The last thing the Zorlas said to Liite was find the Shadow Beings. It was about Midday, this was the second day of Liites hunt. The forest was darkening. She was nearly there.

As she ran she couldn't help but go over the attack on the water village. The capturing of the people, the destruction of the cavern, the death of The Zorlas. The screams, the laughter, the burning and the smoke. All the while she just hid, after they left she made her escape.

"I will be a coward no longer!" She said to her self, still running full pelt through the woods. "I will save them" She said this having no idea what the Shadow beings would do, help or kill her.

Finally she reached a clearing, it was dark. The suns rays peirced the forest canopy but the darkness stubbornly held in the face of the light desperatly trying to gain a hold. This was the spell of the shadow beings. She looked around, walking very slowly towards the centre of the clearing. Nobody was here, were they all dead? Or were they waiting for her. Liite felt like she had just walked into a den of sleeping Lions. One false move and it was over.

Suddenly a dark hand slapped on the ground in front of her. Liite recoiled in horror. Behind the hand a muscular arm followed behind, soon a full shadow being stood hunched in front of her. Liite tried to compose herself, It had a gorilla like body but wore a mask bearing a grimacing face. In the eye sockets were tiny red dots, carefully scanning the Water Sprite.

"My name is Liite." She stuttered. " I am here to-"

"We know" The being cut her short with a deep, slow voice. The voice was full of command. "We have eyes and ears in every shadow of the forest. You come to seek our aid."

"Yes" Liite replied, utterly humbled.

"I am Kojiro, messenger of the Shadow Beings. Liite, we are spies, not warriors. We cannot help you" Kojiro said, his tiny eyes holding hers.

"But I need you, theres nobody else! My people are dying. You have to help me." Tears flooded down Liites face, her voice nevertheless was full of conviction. She couldn't fail again, she was left alone in the world. Her tribe was the last thing she had to fight for.

"Liite" Kojiro said, his voice monotonous and unfeeling. "The humans can help. Go to the town by the sea. Their you will find aid."

"But thats days away." Liite dropped to her knees and wept, she didn't have the time for this. She had to act quickly. She felt Kojiros massive hand gently grip her shoulder. The darkness began to creep up her legs. Liite began to panic, she wanted to scream but shadow shot across her body like a plague and crushed the voice from her. Her vision was lost in a great whirlwind of darkness. Then there was light again.

She was no longer in the forest, now she was in the shadow of a large wooden structure. Around her open plains stretched out for miles, animals of all shapes and sizes grazed in the lush greenery of the land. The enchanted forest was far in the distance, to the  north a huge cloud of fog concealed the bottom of what looked like a city built on three levels. She could hear the sqwauking of seagulls and the faint lapping of waves against a nearby shore. Here the suns rays shot full beam down upon her. There was the sound of people at market coming from the other side of the building. Kojiro was with her.

"Disguise yourself as a human. You are now in Port Town. You will need men who can wield weapons to fight the Headtails. Even a skilled group of humans may not defeat them, you understand?" Liite nodded as Kojiro spoke more. "I will leave you here, the Shadow Beings had a contract with The Zorlas, we intend to find out why the Headtails are being so aggressive, I believe this information may of use to you? Liite nodded once more. Kojiro nodded back and began to sink into the shadows. His red beady eyes did not blink behind what Liite now noticed was a colorful mask. Soon she was alone again. She turned and looked upon Port Town. Her last hope lay in this place.



The End

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