Completely alone

When she woke up Liite had no idea where she was. It was cool, she opened her eyes to see the top of a cavern. Sunlight pushed its way through the cracks in the dome shaped roof. Liite could hear water trickling and muffled voices nearby. She looked around a little and found herself in a familiar place. She was back home, lying in the centre of a pool. Looking around Liite recognised the marble floor of the dome, with pillars and tables all around. The architecture of the place took on a Doric style, there was the odd white statue dotted around that represented a ruler from past times.

Liite, despite being drained and slightly bemused at her location, pulled herself gracefully from the pool and looked around. It was obviously daylight, She began to wonder how long she had been away.

"Ah your awake." A voice came from behind. Liite turned to see a male Sprite stood behind her, he wore a white cloth over his shoulder, making him the only Sprite to wear clothing in the normal sense. He was broad, his face had a kind, rounded appearance and his cheeks were plump. A wide grin appeared over his face. "Three days Liite, I'm surprised at how long it took you to come to. Your wounds were very minor." He looked into her eyes with the thoughtful expression he always wore. "Still, that must have exhausted you, everything that happened out there." He stood straight up, he was tall for a Water Sprite, nearly reaching five feet tall. Liite climbed to her feet and bowed.

"The Zorlas, my lord." She said, the Zorlas was the name of the leader of the Sprites. It was usually a male, as there was only ever one male Sprite at a time.

"Now now." The Zorlas said, a kindly laugh following closely behind his words. "Theres no need for that, come with me, I wish to talk with you" He led Liite outside and into the Sprite village, there was not a building in site, save for the cavern. There were however pools spread around a clearing in the forest, in each pool was a small cave that served as a home for the Sprites. A stream ran through the village and behind it the forest stretched out for miles.

The Zorlas led Liite around the village for a while, nodding to people with a wide grin as they bowed. There were children playing by the stream, guards stood on watch and others  were rushing about going about their day to day business. Liite and The Zorlas spoke for a while about what happened a few days earlier. Liite recounted the tale right up to the death of her mother, then stopped.

"I see." The Zorlas began, his expression now grave. "And we still have no idea why they're attacking us?" Liite shook her head. "Then I'm going to have to step up the guards watch, make sure everybody is prepared. I'm sending you on another mission Liite."

"Sir?" Liite replied, she was quite perplexed as to why she was being sent off again so early.

"You will find the shadow beings, they will most likely know what is going on. Exercise care though Liite, we have no idea whether they are friends." The Zorlas continued. "I will be sending Aniiya and Hiina-"

"Hiina?" Liite interrupted, suddenly remembering her rage at her. She turned, completely disregarding the high ranked company she was in and began to run towards the cavern. She was stopped by a hideous scream.

Suddenly Water Sprites were sprinting in all directions, squaking like angry birds. They were terrified. Liite tried to stop one to ask what was going on but was ignored. The sprite sprinted past, a huge fireball followed her, caught up to her and with a piercing scream extinguished her.

Fire began to creep across nearby grass patches, smoke and steam filled the air, blocking Liites vision. She began to despair, looking frantically around for the cause of the commotion. She heard shouts and heard metal clanging against metal. Still confused she turned and ran straight towards the stream. She jumped straight over it, thinking it to obvious a place for a Water Sprite to hide, she scrambled into a clump of foliage in the trees and lay still looking out into the smoke and screams.

Finally she could see the cause, a Headtail grabbed a Sprite Child by the wrist and dragged him screaming away. Another had jumped on a Sprite, destroying her with fire. One Sprite tried to fight back, using a small halbierd against a demon. She fought well until another Headtail stabbed her in the back. She collapsed and the second demon picked up her halbeird and waved it around in imitation of her. The two burst out laughing as they dragged the beaten Sprite away. Liite lay in the bush, alone, frightened and cowering.


The End

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