Rage and Grief

Liite felt sick. She gasped for breath, filled with terror, hatred and despair she screamed. It didn't matter to her that now the great lumbering Headtail had now turned his attention on her. It didn't matter to her that Liite would easily be killed. She didn't even notice that Hiina, the other sprite had already fled. Liite had just seen her mothers life crushed as she begged pathetically for mercy. All she could do was scream and cry.

She fell to her knee's, her tears fell onto the golden, sun baked ground and soaking into the mud. A shadow came accross her vision, the footsteps became louder. Then they stopped.

The Headtail laughed in under his breath before grabbing Liite by the throat with his great clawed hand. His forked snake like tongue lapped at Liites cheek as he stared at her. Liite hung in the air a few feet off the ground, still utterly in turmoil over the loss of her mother. She wept still, alone, scared, uncertain and hungry for revenge. This last emotion gripped her and she screamed again with incredible fury as she motioned with her hand at the stream.

A furious cascade of water shot straight from the stream at the Fire demon. He smiled at Liite, who scowled back at him. The man didn't turn his head, but raised his hand and a burst of flame smacked into the water. Liites attack failed, her vision was now almost completely blocked by the mass of steam created by the heat of the fire. The Demon drew Liite closer to him, still holding her with his massive paw.

"Do you know who I am little one?" He began to chuckle mockingly at her. "Your friend over there, she wimpered and begged. She was a pathetic specimin. Don't you agree?"

"You evil, dim witted, heartless beast!" Liite screamed hoarsley, she began to thrash widly at the Headtail. "Dam you, dam you dam you!" Her voice was failing, broken by her crying and fear. Her face was twisted into a hateful, relentless scowl.

"Do you know who I am?" The demon repeated. Obviously taking massive pleasure in Liites despair.

"I don't care you bastard!" She continued to thrash, one of her blows connected with the demons check. The blow glanced off him uselessly and he laughed again.

"You would make an excellent pet, little one." The demons smile began to fade. "But unfotunatly I can't have you struggling the whole way home. Its a shame really, you could have been a slave or my personal dancer. Instead you will just evaporate and dissapear like your pathetic mother." The demon reached behind his back and whipped out his spear, he pulled it back and pushed Liite forward. He laughed as he jabbed at her, the blow tore a hole into her and she flew backwards straight into the stream.

The headtail roared with laughter and turned away. He left the bodies of his comrades where they were and broke into a run. Soon he was long gone. Liite pulled herself out of the stream again and onto the bank. The forest was silent again save for the trickle of the stream. She looked down at her stomach, the wound might aswell have never happened. Throwing her into the water allowed her body to become one with the stream and then reform. Later on Liite guessed that when he saw her disappear in the stream the demon would have assumed her dead.

Her body was incredibly weak, her body reformed but having a hole cut through her is always a shock. She had calmed down slightly now, she dragged herself to where her mother died and wept. She lay there for hours sobbing, the pain felt as if she had been stabbed in the heart repeatedly. She lay on her back staring up at the fading light, she recalled her the days spent with her mother, they would talk and laugh together, her mother would teach Liite to blend with water, they would eat together and even fight together until now.

Liite then recalled the last moments, her mothers despairing eyes, the demons laughter and Hiina fleeing in terror. Rage welled up inside her once again.

"Hiina you coward!" Liite shouted. " She ran like a scared child! She left us for dead!" This new found anger gave Liite strength, she couldn't kill the Demon, but maybe she could exact vengeance on Hiina. She began to drag herself home with the last of her strength, her hatred for Hiina giving her the will to continue. "I will not let this stand." Liite muttered to herself again but she was too weak. She began to black out, she stumbled and fell, crashing into the leaf covered ground. Darkness had finally fallen and Liites vision faded as she finally passed out.


The End

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