The water Sprite

A young Water Sprite has her entire tribe wiped out by some nasty guys and she goes out for revenge.

The forest was quiet, the trees were golden as the suns rays leaked through the forest canopy and bathed the leaf covered floor in their beautiful warmth. A stream trickled calmly through the forest, the water lapped gently against its banks. The relaxing sounds of the birds, trees and the serene beauty of the enchanted forest provided the scene for what was soon to come. Barely visible in the stream a pair of small green eyes looked out in to the woodlands ahead. There was no body to be attributed tor the eyes as it was a water sprite. She was hiding.

There was a faint rustling sound in the distance, the eyes stared intently at the horizon, scanning for the cause. Soon enough three beings came into view, they had the bodies of normal men, their skin was pale white and there jaws formed a point in the bottom of there faces. They wore only loinclothes and carried spears with points made from the beaks of local birds. The strangest thing about them was that they had huge tails protruding from the backs of there heads. These tails were what gained them there names. Headtails were what the humans called them, the Headtails had there own names for themselves but Water Sprites simply called them Fire Demons. Each one of them was around seven foot tall and incredibly broad . They were quiet in there movements despite their muscular frames and as they crept through the woodlands the scanned for any sign of there foes. Little did they know they had already been spotted.

The eyes in the stream slowly began to lift themselves out of the water, a small, pretty and round face following behind. The face was blue and transparent, and both the skin and the hair seemed to be made from pure water. She had an Ethreal beauty about her as her petit, slender frame began to lift itself slowly and silently from the water. Another hand reached from the water and yanked her back in

"Don't be such a fool!" The hands owner hissed. " You'll give us away and I don't want to see you die." The first Sprite didn't move again, but merely watched and waited. The three hulking frames edged closer to the stream, slowing with every step. They stared intently as looks of anxiety crept across their faces. They glanced at each other then at the front Fire Demon, hoping for some reassurance. The front one was bigger than the others, and had a deep scar stretching from his forhead down to his mouth. This Demon had no look of fear on his face, just determination. The three stopped, still staring at the stream. Tension began to rise as the two headtails began to panic. "Ready Liite?" One Sprite said to the one who moved earlier.

"Ready" Liite replied. She had decided on her cause of action, her earlier bravery was dispelled now and she dared not move until everyone else did. There was a loud splash as one of the fire demons hurled his spear into the water, the leader turned and hissed at him with anger but the damage was done.

Water flew in all directions as a massive roar heralded the Sprites revealing themselves. Three water sprites burst from the stream, they shouted over the incredible crashing of the water. The demon that threw his spear turned to flee, but a twisting torrent came after him. The water enveloped the demon and dragged him screaming back into the stream, the sprite controlling the water looked callously down at the struggling demon as he fought for his life, floundering uselessly like an animal at the bottom of the water.

The second Headtail threw his spear at Liite. She reacted by wrenching a great wall of water from the stream, she placed her hand on it and closed her eyes. The wall froze, a massive block of ice now stood between her and her foe. The demon hissed with anger and ran at the wall, his tremendous fist collided with it, but to no effect. Liite smiled at the demon. Then once again touched the wall. The Demon continued to snarl at Liite, who did not move for a moment, the mocking smile she gave him only served to send him into a rage. The demon pounded at the wall, Its attacks seemingly having no effect.

Suddenly the wall shattered like a thin pane of glass. All that remained of it was a thousand tiny shards of ice, fashioned into needles. Liite cackled like a mad witch and clapped her hands. The needles obeyed and tore into the demons body. It collapsed, a bleeding wreck on the floor.  Liite smiled again, she hated the fire demons, but loved to fight the small minded beasts. She cackled under her breath at the victory and turned to enjoy the look of approval her Mother would certainly give her. What she saw instead horrified her.

The scarred demon stood above Liites mother. A wide grin spreading from cheek to cheek. The water sprite lay on the grass bank near the stream wimpering like a scared puppy. The demon gloated as he knelt closer to the broken Sprite, he dropped his spear and put his face an inch away from hers. She turned her head towards Liite, her distressed expression begging for salvation.

The hulking beasts forked tongue dragged along her face, his mouth had twisted in to a wide smile, reavealing, sharp, bestial fangs. Liite tried to move, but her body wouldn't allow it. The extreme horror tied her to where she stood. The  Fire Demons hand burst into flames as he laughed. He looked at his hand as he continued to expand on the fire he created, he then punched his blazing fist into the Sprites stomach. She screamed as the roaring flames engulfed her, the victims body seemed to just evaporate. The demon continued to laugh savagely as he murdered his victim. There was nothing left of the Liites mother.

The End

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