Donald Cabrey, December 28th

The Watch



Donald Cabrey, December 28th

Went and did it again. After I closed my last journal, I put on the Watch and just went. The whole night. That was probably the longest time I’ve ever used it.

I’ve got to get rid of it this time. If not now, then never. Hmmm.

What if I didn’t destroy it, but put it somewhere I wouldn’t be able to reach again? There's a thought.

I’ll be right back.

[Recording stops]

[Recording resumes]

Did it. Finally did it. Hahahaha. Finally did it. Went to the bay. Threw it in. Watched it sink into the depths abysmal. It’s sleeping with the fishes now.

It’s gone! I’m free. Freeeeeeeeee. Ahahahaha. I’m free. I’m free. Free to be... free to be me. Donald Watch-guard Cabrey!

[Hysterical laughter]

No more late night trips to the city, no more bullets bouncing off me like flies off a tank, no more car-tossing and fighting and saving innocent people and Oh, God, what the hell have I done?

I gotta get it back. I gotta get it back get it back get it back. Can’t believe I lied to myself. Now, no more lies. No more secrets. Just the truth. Just the truth just the truth gotta get it-

[Recording stops]

The End

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