Donald Cabrey, December 27th

The Watch-guard’s Journal Donald Cabrey,  December 27th,

Jane’s left me, and she took Todd with him. Oh, God. What have I done? This Watch, it’s killing me. It’s ruining everything. I’ve got to get away.

I’ve tried everything. It’s indestructible. Broke one of my hammers, my power drill.

It’s just so hard. I’ve already put it on five times today, all of them right after I tried to break it. One time I put it in the oven, and I just had to use it so bad that I burned my arm trying to get it out. I have to do something.

I have to think of something. Enough lying to myself. The Watch isn’t doing any good for the city. No more secrets. Just... just... I’ve got to go.

The End

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