Report : The Watch-guard, December 23rd


From : Lt. James Olsen

To : Chief Marvin Ellison

December 23rd, 2012

Sir, enclosed in this document is all information gathered so far about the vigilante known as the Watch-guard.

The Watch-Guard) has managed to evade capture for a week. Street crime of a more ordinary nature, however, has dropped significantly.

So far, information recovered from witness interview has uncovered this much about the Watch-guard.

First Sightings

The Watch-guard was first sighted apprehending a bank raid on the 12th of December. The Watch-guard’s origin is unknown, but inspection of security footage and witness reports suggest that the Watch-guard is a 5 ft 11 tall Caucasian male in his late 20s to early 30s, with dark hair.

He wears a dark red shirt and black pants in almost all of his outings. More distinctively, however, is the hankerchief he wraps around his mouth and the domino mask worn over his eyes.

Since the 18th of December, he began leaving notes on crime scenes that read, “From the Watch-guard,”, a name that is believed to be taken from an article in The Pioneer, a right-wing journalistic publication.

Since his first sighting, the Watch-guard has committed twenty-six felonies, all of them being assault. The Sunrise Police Department has proven unable to apprehend him.


The Watch-guard’s powers have been observed to be :

- Unnatural strength.

The Watch-guard is has the ability to exert much more force with his muscles compared to ordinary people. He has been seen breaking weapons such as clubs and pipes apart with his bare hands. His unarmed strikes have been proven able to break bones without much effort. The upper limit of his strength is unknown, although he has been witnessed lifting a burning car off of a trapped motorist. His legs, being of heightened strength, give him the ability to run at speeds exceeding 20 mp/h.

- Superhuman endurance.

The Watch-guard is capable of withstanding massive blunt force trauma. Edged weapons, such as knives, and bullets fired from guns fail to penetrate his skin, an effect at first attributed to bulletproof vests. Objects that are heavy enough, however, are able to knock him down, as proven by Officer John Santos, who had rammed his car into the Watch-guard. Although the car suffered heavy mechanical damage, the Watch-guard, apart from being knocked to the ground, suffered no ill effects.

More information will be gathered and a second progress report will be delivered to you as soon as possible.

The End

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