The Pioneer, December 18th

by Jack Jameson



The chief of police has declared a manhunt on our local vigilante. He claims that the vigilante is dangerous and unpredictable.

The town of Sunrise has a new guardian. A new protector. A Watch-guard, if you must. And like all great heroes from Christ to Lincoln, he is despised by the cowards that rule authority, the ones who fear him and call him a threat.

But IS he? Readers, you know in your hearts as well as I do that this vigilante is simply a man, gifted with incredible powers, who just wants to see a better community. A SAFER community!

Maybe Chief Ellison is afraid that The Watch-guard will put him out of a job! Good riddance if he did!

What kind of bureaucratically-bloated, inefficient police department tries to jail someone who stops a bank robbery and a mugging in the same week?

Can’t the spineless cowards that compose our government see the good that this hero is bringing to our town?

His heroic actions are a perfect demonstration of good, old-fashioned American values, and it is these soft-underbellied liberal tyrants that wish to snuff him out!

To the faithful Watch-Guard, wherever you are, know that there are those of us that refuse to be cowed by such corruption!

Know that there are those who appreciate, acknowledge, and applaud your efforts to be the silent guardian of Sunrise!

The End

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