December 16, 2012


SUNRISE : The vigilante who stopped last week’s robbery (see December 12th, Mysterious Hero Foils Bank Raid) is at it again.

Timothy Wong, a 25-year-old cashier was accosted on the way home from work by a group of six men armed with lead pipes, baseball bats, and other blunt objects.

The men forced Mr Wong to hand over his valuables before threatening to beat him. The assault was interrupted by the arrival of the vigilante.

The vigilante reportedly attacked the thugs without any weapons, but gave the six men major injuries.

“He was amazing,” says Mr Wong, who sustained minor injuries from the incident. “Just came out of nowhere. One minute they’re whaling on me, the next minute this hero comes up and picks one of the guys up like a toy!”

The thugs then focused their attention on the vigilante, but their weapons proved ineffective. Several pipes, bent out of shape, and a broken baseball bat were found at the crime scene.

Mr Wong alleges that the bat was broken when one of the attackers struck the vigilante in the head, with no effect. The vigilante had also bent the pipes with his bare hands.

After dispatching the thugs, the vigilante checked Mr Wong for injury before leaving. When questioned by Mr Wong as to his identity, the vigilante did not answer.

All six men are currently hospitalized.

Sunrise Chief of Police, Marvin Ellison, maintains that the vigilante is dangerous and that his actions are illegal.

“The police department of this town will not tolerate vigilantism,” he said in an interview. “The law is not something that should be taken into any single person’s hands.”

“We’ve learned so far that this individual has extra-human abilities, and he’s used them to put nine men in the hospital. Such an individual operating freely would endanger too many innocent civilians for us to ignore him.”:

Chief Ellison also announced that the Sunrise Police Department has organized a manhunt to find and arrest the vigilante.

The End

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