Journal Of Donald Cabrey, December 15th

So, uh, this is my first taped journal. To save a bit of cash on tapes, I think I’m just gonna update this journal when something interesting happens. Like, um, now.

Jane took Todd out for a dentist’s appointment, so I grabbed the chance to sneak into my backyard. I slipped on the Watch. No reason, you know, just to make sure it works and all.

Here’s what I think. I think the Watch is changing. Getting stronger.


After I put it on, I felt the rush again, and I was so pumped up that I just wanted to do something, right? So I run over to my car and try to lift it. I’ve been experimenting for the past couple days, and usually it takes a little effort. This time I nearly flipped it over without even trying! Thank God nothing got dented, and no one saw me.

I’m starting to wonder where the Watch came from. Is it magical? Alien? Who left it in that alley, and why? It’s a question that’s gonna worry me for some time, I think.

The End

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