George took the sphere to school with him the following morning.  He wanted to show it to his friends, for he suspected that they would find it as fascinating as he thought it was, and if they did, it could improve his standing.  He did, however, make an effort to conceal it from Helena, but he was betrayed by the peculiarly-shaped bulge in his book bag.

"Yeh're bringin' that auld piece o' trash to school wi' yeh?  Why?"

"'Cause Ah want to!  What'sit matter to you?"

                                                                        *     *     *

They had been thrust into darkness once more, bumping uncomfortably along in a leather sack of some sort amidst a disorganized array of objects.  A battered book knocked resoundingly upon the window-wall with each step the Boy took, and pencils, pens, and other small objects clattered against Their prison periodically.  They did not find the experience pleasing.  Whirling anxiously inside the sphere, They hoped for a prompt end to the ride.

                                                                         *     *     *

George set the bag down, a bit more carefully than usual, on the floor beside his desk and took out what he needed for the lesson, leaving a small portion of the orb visible.  He would wait until mid-morning break to show it off.

                                                                         *     *     *

They all pressed Themselves against the portion of window-wall that had been left exposed and looked out.  They were in a room full of children, all seated in wooden chairs behind small tables.  This, They could presume, was what the Girl had called "school."  This was a new word for Them, but it appeared to mean a place where children were sent to be educated.  Such institutions had existed before Their imprisonment, but these had been called by a different name and had only taken male children.  As there were several girls present, They supposed that things had changed.

The End

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