The Boy took Them home and set Them on a nightstand.  They watched, waiting, as he undressed and climbed into bed.  Once They were quite certain that he was asleep, They shifted Their weight inside Their prison.

                                                                        *    *    *

The sphere rolled off of the nightstand and fell with a thump to the floor, jolting George into consciousness.  He reached down and searched for it with his hand, finding in resting, in one piece, on the rug beside his bed.  Luckily it had landed there, or else it probably would have broken.

Sleepily, he sat up and studied it in the semidarkness.  "Just what d'yeh think yeh're doin', rollin' away like that?" he yawned, selecting an item of discarded clothing from his bedroom floor and wrapping the sphere in it before replacing it on the nightstand.  "Now, stay put!"

It stayed put for the rest of the night.

                                                                         *    *    *

Frustrated, They pressed themselves to the window-walls and tried to see out through the gaps in the crumpled fabric.  This was the second time that this meddling boy had foiled Their escape attempts, and They were not prepared to forgive him.  He would be the first They would come after once They had gained Their freedom.

But the Girl--now, she might be useful...

The End

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