Yelling From the Royal Hallway

Blood immediatelly soaked the bed Amira was laying in. She groaned from the pain but still managed to yell out. The words didn't matter; volume was the only concern now. I must be loud enough to get through the thick stone walls, she told herself.

Amenra, her murderous brother, had already left the room. She had identified him before he struck her. So, even if she lived, her life was still in danger. Did he want to be king that bad? These thoughts raced through her mind as she continued to yell out in pain.

She couldn't keep up the volume, though. With each passing second and with each drop of blood drained, she became weaker and weaker. Eventually, she stopped yelling.

Have I done enough? She asked herself. Did I alert someone?


Gilra, the court physician, was walking toward his chambers when he heard a voice cry out. He couldn't make out the words, but he immediately knew that the person was in pain.

The stone hallways, though, echoed the noise. He couldn't tell quite where the yelling was coming from. He quickened his pace.

The yelling became softer. Was he getting further away from the source? He didn't think so. By this point, he was running as fast as his old legs could carry him.

Eventually, he made his way to the royal hallway where the rooms of the children of the King and Queen were. The yelling had ceased for the most part. He could just make out a soft murmur. He walked into Amira's room and gasped.

The End

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