Chapter.1 Sad Endings and Happy BeginingsMature

In the mythical land of Drakosha two twins lives are being transformed from somewhat dull to completely off track, as gears grind and pieces find their place how will the brothers manage?

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It was a cold, drizzly day at the Cemetery perfect day for a funeral some would say, two young boys stood over the coffin one trying to hide his sobs whilst the other trying to disguise his smile, it was the day of their father’s death. Their father had been quite a successful man being the towns watchmaker, his watches famous for keeping perfect time and needing barely any winding, although his passing was early it was expected by the eldest of the twins, their father was not as honest a man as the town had thought. When the youngest heard the shouts of their names he turned around to see their uncle, now guardian, waving at them in front of his carriage, he was a lord two towns over, his wife had become infertile after having their daughter, although he loved his daughter he had always wanted a son and he had never been found of the boys’ father, after the death of his sister the man had hardly been affected, he had carried on as always making those dam watches.
"Boys, hurry out of the rain now, we want to be home in time for supper correct?" He said to the twins, the eldest looked up at him.
"Of course Uncle Desmond, will Elizabeth be there?" He questioned whilst his brother hid behind his back.
"Yes she will! You two haven't seen her since your twelfth birthday; she has grown up quite a bit."
The got into the carriage, the boys going in first and sitting across from their uncle, the youngest boy clinging to his brother, eyes puffy.

The trip was uneventful, there was little talk and the youngest of the boys had fallen asleep halfway through though upon arrival being woken by his uncle much to his brothers’ disdain. A girl no older than four years of age ran out of the manor to greet them, looking at her cousins in interest.
"Elizabeth, these are your new brothers, because of their father’s unfortunate passing they will be living with us as my sons; this is the eldest of the two, Kale. " He pointed to the boy, who  grinned at Elizabeth. "And this is Nyhm." He patted the younger boy pushing him slightly out from behind his brother. Nyhm looked up at his cousin shyly, still wondering why they had to leave their old house. He and his big brother could make watches just as well if not better than their father, yet now they were here. He looked up at Kale and mumbled,

"Brother, what about Annie? Or the shop?" Kale looked at his younger twin sympathetically. The other had been closer to their sister than he had and still hadn't come to terms with her death, and he had always loved their father’s shop, being able to fix the watches and make little clockwork toys with spare parts.

"Nyhm, Annabelle is still gone, okay? She went somewhere better. The shop will be safe; we have inherited it, but we have to stay here until we finish school." They began following their uncle into the manor; it was very Gothic in design although painted almost completely white with a trim of rose gold for window frames. The doors were a fine oak and flowed open with one push. Two maids rushed out to the carriage to grab the boy’s suitcases. They had not brought much; only keep-sakes and a few of Nyhms clockwork toys. A butler came out of what they assumed was the hallway into the front room. The manor was if anything more stunning on the inside than it was on the outside, the walls covered in paintings and tapestries.
"Young Masters, this way to your quarters, you will be sharing a master bedroom as per your request. Two canopy beds have been set up for you." Kale didn’t like having curtains hanging from his bed, but his brother seemed to love them and enjoyed closing the curtains and working on the watches and toys for hours on end.


Once the boys had been left to their own devices in their new room and Nyhm had set up a work space, Kale decided it would be best to find out about their schooling arrangements. Given that they were now at least a day’s travel from their old school he doubted that they would be staying there.
Walking down the corridor to the main room, he found there their uncle playing with Elizabeth. "Excuse me Uncle Desmond, could we talk for a minute or two?" The man looked up from the doll that Elizabeth was so fond of and grinned before answering

"Of course Nyhm! Glad to see you have settled in well." Kale sighed. Quite often people confused his twin and him given that they did look identical.

"Uncle, you've confused me for my brother; I'm Kale. Nyhm is busy making a clockwork doll for Elizabeth." His uncle looked somewhat guilty. Before saying

"Oh. Sorry about that. What is it you need to talk about?" Kale thought about what he would say next. Most children went to school but not the rich children. Generally they'd hire private tutors, which was not something Kale enjoyed. He preferred being able to lead other people even if they were just his peers and hated staying in one place for too long which would happen if he had tutors.

"Uncle, I'd like to discuss Nyhm and I, about our schooling. I was hoping there would be an institution nearby?" His uncle’s expression only brightened. "You boys never knew what I did for a living, did you? I'm the headmaster of Volkivorona Academy. I've already enrolled you two. It's a very good school I promise." Kale was somewhat relieved; although it would be somewhat awkward having their uncle as their headmaster it could have its advantages.

"Thank you Uncle Desmond. That should be quite good for us. If you’ll excuse me I must return to my room to check on Nyhm." With that he was gone. Upon entering his room he saw his brother slouched against the desk.

"What's wrong?" Kale asked

 "Why couldn't we have just stayed where we were? Why did father have to die? Why did we have to come here, of all places?" Kale sighed. he knew that his brother had liked their old house and school quite a lot; after people had realised that they were somewhat geniuses for their age they normally got alienated. Nyhm had only just managed to find a group of friends.

"Nyhm, you know it isn't as simple as it should be. There was something wrong with father’s death; they think it may have been a curse on the house. We have to stay here for now, and for a good while if it is a curse. You know how bad curses can be, right?" It was true; that the twins were actually quite adept in magic and once Nyhm had accidentally placed a curse on his brother that had made him a girl for quite some time. The thing with curses was there was only two ways to stop their effect: either by killing the sorcerer or having the sorcerer un-do the spell themselves. As killing wasn't an option in this case, Kale had to teach Nymh how to reverse the spell, which he had. When their mother had seen Kale, she had laughed. Even though she had been concerned for her son she’d known that they'd figure out how to turn him back.

"Yes... I know that curses can be bad, but who would curse our father?"


The End

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