The WaspMature

A man recalls a childhood terror and is suddenly alerted to a potential doomsday scenario by a wasp...

The dead wasp on the window sill brought back childhood memories for Hank.  Years ago, as a young boy, he had been stung in the eye by a wasp at a lakeside cabin in Tennessee during a family vacation.  A wasp nest hung under the roof of the front porch just aside from the screen door.  Whenever the screen door to the cabin was opened or closed, the wasps became agitated and would leave the nest to investigate their surroundings. 

One morning, young Hank hurried out onto the front porch to grab an inner tube before heading to the lake.  It was a sunny day and Hank couldn't wait to get in the water and have fun.  The screen door slammed as Hank sprinted over to the yellow inner tube.  When he lifted it from the wall, and before he had any time to react, a tiny dark object darted from beneath the inner tube directly towards his left eye.  The sharp stinging pain sent Hank stumbling backwards and into the porch railing.  Hank swatted at his face furiously as fear and panic crept into his voice.  Seconds passed as Hank continued swatting at his face in a full panic.  Looking through his unaffected eye, he began searching for the front door so that he could alert his parents.  Unfortunately, the insect assault was only beginning. 

As Hank approached the front door he heard a faint buzzing sounds in the air and instantly felt something creeping along one of his arms.  Before he could address the creepy sensation, a hot sharp prick ignited his left upper arm.  Within seconds, the painful sensation began happening on numerous parts of his body.  As Hank's parents came crashing out of the front door to address the cries of their son, Hank's vision was already fading to black.


The wind was beginning to pick up – as indicated by the swaying treetops outside the window.  Hank continued to reminisce about the wasp attack from his childhood as the dark storm clouds moved in from the west.  He grinned as he looked down at the bottom of the windowsill only to discover that the dead wasp was no longer there.  Hank curiously looked around the room.  He saw nothing and heard nothing.  A perplexed look formed on his face as he scratched his head and considered the option that maybe he had never seen a dead wasp on the windowsill.  But if that was the case, then what had triggered his childhood flashback? 

Suddenly, a faint buzzing sound caused Hank to look over his shoulder.  As he looked around the room he still didn’t see or hear anything.  Moments later he could hear another faint buzzing sound overhead.  Hank looked up only to find the ceiling fan slowly oscillating in its lonesome.  I must be losing my damn mind

When Hank's gaze returned to the windowsill, his heart jumped as he saw a wasp crawling along the window frame.  It crawled along the frame with its tentacles actively surveying the surroundings.  Hank watched intently as it hopped back and forth from the window to the frame several times.  The childhood images of terror were fresh in his mind as he picked up a nearby book.  As he gauged his distance from the wasp, preparing to smash it, the wasp took flight and landed in the opening of Hank’s right ear which caused Hank to drop the book.  He swatted furiously at his ear hoping to kill the insect before it could sting him.  After a few seconds he realized that he hadn’t hit anything so he stopped swatting at his ear.  He probed the outer crevasses of his earhole with a finger thinking he might have accidentally pushed the wasp into his ear somehow.    

               Hank, can you hear me?  Hank, it’s me, the wasp.  I’m in your head.  Can you hear me?  Acknowledge.  There is much to discuss.

               “Hear you?  What the fuck?” 

               Suddenly a strong irritation consumes Hank’s right ear.  The sensation quickly turns to pain and causes Hank to scream loudly.  After a few seconds the pain subsides, replaced with a faint audible noise. 

               Do I have your attention now Hank?

               Without hesitation Hank responds, “Yes!”

               Good.  Sorry I had to do that.

               “Do what?”

               Poke your eardrum with my stinger.  Hurts doesn’t it?

               “Yes!  Please don’t do it again!”

               A few moments elapse before Hank addresses the wasp.

               “So you’re inside of my head?  And you’re talking to me and I can hear you?  This is ridiculous.”  Quickly realizing that his small talk might initiate more pain, Hank accepts the fact that there is a talking wasp in his head.  “So what do I call you?”

               Wasp will do. 

               “Okay wasp.  You mind telling me why you’re in my damn head?”


When the wasp finished talking, Hank was overwhelmed with confusion and curiosity.    The wasp began by explaining, in scientific detail, how the wasp species had evolved over centuries of interaction with humans.  The most fascinating part to Hank was how wasps were the real flies on the wall; observing how humans interacted as well as learning their various languages – with Ebonics being the toughest to understand. 

               Once Hank was convinced that the conversation was legit, the wasp began to unveil the true purpose of the conversation, which dealt with the disappearing of bee colonies all over the world.  According to scientists, the disappearance correlated with factors like pesticide exposure, invasive parasitic mites, inadequate food supply, and a virus that supposedly targets the bees’ immune system.  But the wasp proclaimed that the mass disappearance was related to something far more sinister.  The wasp described how the bees suddenly became aware of their value to the planet’s ecosystem and how they purposely disappeared to strike fear into the human race.    







The End

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