the wasp

a story of a young army officer and his team in the jungles of south east asia trying to flush out rebels in the war torn part of maynamar also includes some flash backs to his happy go lucky days at the academy .....his love life and finally what happens to them

The air is thick and damp as i move along the marshes the mist seems to grow, its all round and seem to have jumped suddenly from nowhere, i look for my point man my hand on the handle of my 7.62mm assault rifle shifts slightly, the wading though the knee high waters makes too much of noise ......too much for my liking anyway, but the men are doing well ..iam suprised how they are all so alert having not slept for the entire night, and marching on a full battle load for over 40 kms, but they did tell us in the academy that the limit to human endurance is not of the endurance in ure muscles but its in the endurance of the mind , suddenly the wading sound stops, i see the outline of my point as he signals the section to halt, it could mean one of two things either he has seen another animal or if we are lucky then one of the sentries of the bahamist camp, the marshes are suppose to be just behind this camp which on the other side is well connected by roads and dirt tracks but it seems that being part of the army special forces team gives u a license to not only kill, but also to take the most difficult approach to anything  and everything in life, they say its part of the charm

The End

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