The Wars of Reckoning

Eva is a tough, fearless female soldier in the year 2102. The world is a bloody battle field fueled by ruthless killers and countries united in taking revenge. Will we awake to find a new day?

God only knows.

The sky was awash in blood. Nothing original, nothing new. But that’s how it looked. That’s how it always looks when the Earth is at war.

To the west the sun could be seen slinking away from the sky, turning its back on the chaos that reigned below. This kind of warfare was outdated. No one used guns anymore. But here we were in the old-fashioned trenches, leaping up and firing at the enemies we didn’t know personally. If we had it probably would have been a lot harder to shoot them.

I was fighting beside my brother that day. An act of fate had brought us together when every man in his squadron had drowned, the three-strong fleet of ships controlled by Westica’s Squadron #12 becoming watery graves on the coast of Japan. A new recruit, my brother had been given night watch on the highest deck of the battle ship. This turned out to be a blessing when cloaked subs appeared, or at least, that’s what my brother guessed they were. Like every other piece of technical equipment in the war, the radar was outdated. Before he had even glimpsed the dark outlines in the water, the squadron had been circled, the bombs went off.

Everything was fire.

“You okay, Alek?” I asked, slumping down against the dirt barrier. His breathing was heavy, he clutched his gun like I’d seen screaming mothers clutching their dead children during local raids. Alek nodded, “Just taking a quick break.”

I thought about the fluke of his survival in the vast map of time as I fired my gun, ducked, fired again. Alek had been thrown into the water by the force of the explosions. The way he hit, feet first, was the thing that saved him. His knees were shattered by the impact but adrenaline fed his bizarre will to live and he paddled to a private island using only the strength of his arms. A helicopter located him by the S.O.S. signal sent out by his personal tracker.

Recovery time was short in this war. The medical advances made in the past century were miraculous. He’d left the country after that and found me. He came to tell me that it was wrong for a woman to fight. When I ignored him, Alek assumed a fake identity and enlisted in my division. He would be tried for treason after the war. If there was an “after the war.”

Alek looked awful.

“Are you sure you’re alright?” I checked once more.


He moved his gun away from his body. A tiny rip in his uniform spilled into a bright red splotch just below his ribcage. He groaned.

“Changed my mind, Eva. I don’t want to die.”

The End

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