"You sure he's ready??"

"Positive Ben, The lads getting quite good at this, tapped me out three times today."

I smile a little bit as Tam compliments on my improvement. It's been three weeks since Big Ben knocked some sense into me. It's also a day before the FightNight challenge at Tyson's club begins. Diego 's standing beside Tyson. The two have gotten pretty close, mainly because of their enthusiasm in fighting and liking of the opposite sex.

" got one hot step sis!"

I chuckle as the reaction of Diego's first look at Anna's picture. He too is struck dumbstruck by her. Suddenly I'm broken out of my trance by Tam.

"Hey Laddie, Big Ben wants ta' see me an' you spar, grappling only of course." I stand up and nod to Tam's challenge. We  take our places in the middle of the mats, everyone gathering around us, eyes locked in anticipation. I especially notice the look on Ben's face, one of intrigue. 

"Has he really gotten better?" I mouth to myself, pretending to be Big Ben. "Hell yeah!" I answer him.

"Ready?!" Big Ben's voice booms. Me and Tam nod simultaneously before hearing the thunderous crack of Ben's voice. "THEN BEGIN!"

Tam immediatly rushes towards me, something I'm almost caught off guard by his sudden agresiveness, since he's usually passive. But I respond in an expert manner, grabbing his head as he lunges for my chest. We're sent on a sprawl across the matt, until Tam knocks me onto my back. Normally this would be bad but I'm more experienced now. I use a sudden explosion of strength to flip Tam onto his back. I lunge for his arm and position myself in an armbar position. He quickly senses what I'm doing and begins to hold his hands tight.

"Nice try laddie," Tam huffs. "But you know better than ta' try that on me!"

I smile and suddenly flip myself, wrapping my legs around his neck.I place one hand on my left leg and pull as hard as I can. I give a silent cheer as I feel Tam's hands tap on my back several times. I let go and take deep breathes, basking in the cheers of my fellow gym mates. Including a cheer from Ben himself.

"My god've gotten pretty ok from before." Ben outstretches his arm to me. There's a serious look on his face, but the twinkle in his eyes say otherwise.

"Gracias senor," I say. "I had a good teacher." I turn back to Tam who's still taking deep breaths. "And a kick ass sparring partner."

Tam doesn't attempt to speak, rather giving me a thumbs up. Suddenly I feel someone jump on my back.

"Yeah homie!" Diego roars. "You did it! You did it!"

"Settle down bro," I tell him in between laughter. "It was just a sparring match." He gives a sheepish smile before leaping off me

"Man that was sweet Carlos my man!" Tyson shouts. He wraps his arm around my shoulders. I flash him a serious glare, then a smile. I wrap my arm around his shoulders and proceed to give him a noogie. He struggles to escape and lets out a few squeaks before I let him go.

"You're ready Carlos." I turn around and Big Ben's standing there, a box in his arms. He hands them to me. "You've earned these."

My eyes widen open as I open the box, a pair of UFC gloves enclosed inside along with black shorts, the words BEN'S BJJ GYM etched onto it in golden, red trimmed words.

The End

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