Big Ben's Past

My heart's racing as I just dodge a left hook to my face. Sweat drips down my head as I move back quickly, trying to get away from Ben. His fists are like lighting, striking faster and stronger than my own. I raise my arms quickly, blocking a devestating knee to my face when I feel hands wrap around the back of my head.

"He's going for the clinch Carlos!" Diego yells. But it's too late, I can only hope my body can withstand the devestating blows to my sides. I manage to free my head from Ben's grasp and throw a blind punch, hoping it will connect. I hear Ben laugh before my head flys back into the chain of the cage we're in. My head makes a thumping sound before I drop to the ground, blood running down my nose as I breath heavily. I've never been pushed so hard in my entire life. I look up and see Ben standing over me, his arms crossed. 

"There plenty of fighter's out there who can hit faster, punch harder and kick with more power then you hotshot." Ben begins to preach. I wipe the blood from my face before getting to my feet. Diego runs over to me with a towel and begins to wipe my face. I stop him and take the towel.

"I'll do it amigo." I tell him, not taking my eyes off of Big Ben. At first feelings of rage boil inside of me. But strangely it subsides. It subsides into feelings of admiration, of respect. "You have skills man...why you not fighting official?"

Ben stares at me hard for a moment before motioning to his office. "Follow hotshot."

I sit down on a soft leather chair before scowling as I am forced to move onto a smal rocking chair. Ben's office is a pretty small one, mostly cluttered with all sorts of old fighting equipment, some furniture and a medium sized tv. Ben points to the tv with his remote and it blinks to life. I stare at the images flashing onscreen, images of Royce Gracie's numerous jiu jitsu submissions and three fights including Vanderlei Silva. But it's his last fight that has me staring hard as his opponent seems to have a startling similar appearence with Ben...

"You figured it out yet?" He suddenly says. I open my mouth to answer but close it as he begins to talk. "That guy who just got pounded by Silva was me...just goes to show what a cocky attitude and refusal to bring the fight to the ground does. I may have had a chance in that fight if I had taken him to the ground. But I was young like you kid. I thought my fists of fury would do the work for me."

"I guess not huh..." I close my mouth as Ben stares at the tv, the fight drawing to a close as a knockout by Vanderlei, his opponent's shamed face covered with blood. Only a round ago had he run into the arena howling like a madman.

"Your eyes opened yet kid?" Ben asks. I continue to stare at the screen, even though it's over. "Your not going to win with street skills alone. Yo need to go into a fight with skill, humilty and patience. Also you need ground skills. That is unless you want to end up like me in your first UFC fight."

I feel myself hiccup and almost fall out of my chair. I chuckle and turn to him. "What are you talking about?"

Ben smiles. "Tyson didn't tell you? The FightNight hosted by his old man is big. So big it's attracted alot of bigtime sponsers, including Dana White."

If my eyes wern't attached to me head they'd be on the ground. They're opened so wide at the mention of Dana White, President of the UFC being at a place I was fighting in. "You mean he's wathcing the fights?!"

Ben nods. "Not only is he watching but rumour says he's looking for some new fighters too...

The End

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