BJJ Training Day One...

"Come on now Carlos, it's just a choke hold!"

Just a choke hold he says. I try to yell at "Big Ben" whos watching my get my ass kicked by his friend and my new partner, Tam MacBurl, otherwise known as "Rackety Tam." We're both on a mat, training my grappling defense skills. So far it's been a terrible first day for me as I have been unsucceful in pinning and escaping my opponent. I tap on Tam's back, signaling my surrender. He laughs before releasing me and springing to his feet.

"Try ta' catch some breath down there lad!" Tam says in a cheery voice. I can't even flash him an annoyed gaze as I'm on the ground, sucking in as much air as I can. I look up and see Tyson scratching his eyes, Ben shaking his head and Diego trying to cheer me with a thumbs up. I shake my head and make my way towards Diego, who takes out a water bottle from my bag. I thank him for it and chug it down, quenching my fatigue and thirst.

"Carlos you did better then last time...well a little better." I turn around and see Ben standing in front of me, his arms crossed. I scowl before throwing my water bottle in the recycling box.

"Whatever man, I'm not going to give up that easy. No matter how stupid I think this is!" I glare at Tyson, whos making a "stop what you're saying" motion with his hands.

"Stupid is it?" Ben says.

I nod at him. "No offense man. This stuff is hardcore...but I don't need it. I'm a striker and a kicker, have been for all my life. And I've won plenty of fights without this BJJ crap." To prove my point a jab several times in the air before following with a left hook and a high kick. The hair on Ben's head moves a little as the wind from my kick ends directly in front of him. Tyson makes a squeak sound and Diego stares a little dumbfounded. I back away, apologizing for almost hitting him. "Sorry bro... I didn't mean to kick that high."

Ben merely stares at me, no emotion what so ever on his face. Suddenly he points to a octagon shaped arena. "Alright then hot shot. Me and you in the ring. No submissions. Striking and kicking only."

I stare at him shocked. Tyson babbles soemthing and Deigo silently cusses. I feel a smile break out before saying, "Yeah...let's do this."

I wrap my hand in the similar white cloth I had put on in every fight I've been in. I tighten the knot, not too tight so my circulation will not be cut off but not to loose so they'll fall off. I bang my fits together and look at Diego who is standing behind me, hands on the chains of the octagon arena. He gives me a thumbs up and I smile in response. Then I turn to my opponent.

Tyson and Tam are standing outside the ring behind Ben. He's facing my like a statue, without an motion and motionless with the exception of his arms. They're raised in a boxing position, near his face. I take a closer look and notice he's wearing gloves. I felt a lump in my throat as I remembered the kind of glove and the writing on it. It's a standard issue UFC glove...

"You ready kid?" Tam asks me. My attention turns to Tam, who's acting like our referee. I gaze back at Ben who's in a fighting stance, fist raised, feet spread to make an L like shape and bouncing back and forth. Tam looks at me then at Ben. "Try not ta' hurt this fella' too bad Ben."

The End

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