Meet Mr. Perry

"Yo.. you sure this is the right place bro?"

"It's...supposed to be," I tell Diego. The fight was coming up in two weeks and I had already spent the first week training with Diego's favours. I had enudred intense training, and now my body was well conditioned in terms of striking, kicking, power and speed. Now I planned to dedicate the rest of the two weeks training my grappling skills. According to Tyson, my brazilian jiu jitsu coach would push me to my limits and beyond. So I had foolishly assumed he was some well known coach who owned a well kept gym. "Man...this gym don't look like a gym at all."

Diego scratches his head. "You can say that again." He opened the door and stepped out of the old truck that we were in, taking a moment to stare at the run down old warehouse that apparently was my gym. Diego turned to me asking, "Well we going in?"

I nodded to him, exiting the truck and picking up my workout bag. "Yeah let's go." We make our way to the entrance, a large door similar to the one you seen in the front of a garage our auto shop. I knocked on it three times and stepped back. For a moment there was nothing. But as Diego raised his fist to bang on the door it made a loud, grinding sound and then seemed to fly open. Diego jumped back and I blinked. Standing in front of us were three men.

The man on the right wore a white sleeveless shirt and blue shorts. His hair was buzz cut like a military personnel and he had a scar over his left eye.

On the right was Tyson, a white headband wrapped around his head as he stood smiling in blue t-shirt and shorts.

In the middle stood the tallest man I had ever personally met. Diego taps my shoulder. "Man that dudes like...six foot three!" I nodded in response, still staring at the gray haired giant.

The giant speaks, his voice to my surprise is like the one of those high class englishmen. "Well Tyson...this the chap you were talking about?" Tyson nods. There's a moment of silence before the man sighs. "Bloody hell Tyson if you arn't going to introduce us I'll do it myself." Tyson scratches his head in embaressment and murmurs an apology. The giant turns to me, "Hello there good sir, name's Benjamin Perry. Most peole call me Benny, or Ben, fighters call me "Big ben" and pupils such as yourself will adress me as coach. Understood?"

I nod to him, then chuckle as Diego whispers, "I wonder if you should call him "coach old bean?" Probably also drinks with his pinky out."

Suddenly I'm taken onto the ground. I yelp in pain as my right arm is painfully wrapped behind my head, and my left held in a vice grip by the gaint himself. Diego isn't better off, on the ground trapped in a pianful armbar by the military looking man. "Another thing "old bean," Ben says. "Mocking me will earn you no sympathy from me and if I am to teach you, you will adress me as your superior. Do I make myself clear?"

I bob my head up and down and inhale deeply as I'm let out of the choke hold. Diego is writhing on the ground clutching his arm as he cusses in english and spanish. The military man is kneeling over him, a big grin on hsi face.

"Ya never mock Big ben laddy," the man says in a heavy highland accent. "Otherwise ya'll have me ta' deal with."

Diego glares at him before struggling to his feet. He turns to me, a slightly annoyed expression on his face. " Carlos estos ingleses estan loco!"

I nod in response. "Ci amigo...these guys are loco!"


The End

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