Assembling a crack Training Team

"Help me!" a girl screams as a boy with dark brown hair pins her against the queen sized bed. The boy tries to kiss the girl but she resists, turning her head so the boy's lips touch her ear.

"Come on Ann," the boy says, his voice like the calm purr of a cat before it kills it's prey. "At least let me kiss you."

"No!" the girl yells, tears runing down her fair face. She shuts her mouth and shakes her head rapidly, hoping to get away as the boy's face moves ever closer, his hands sliding down her body. "Please...don't."

Suddenly the boy is grabbed form behind. He struggles to break free and yelps in pain as the assailant knees his calf, sending him to his knees. The assailant throws him upright and throws a powerful punch, connecting to the boy''s jaw with a resounding crack. The boy reels backwards for a bit, dazed. He unknowingly makes his way over to a window when the assailant charges him again, leaping and connecting a jarring knee to his lower chin. His head snaps up as he flys into the window, shattering it and landing on the ground below. The assailent looks over and his eyes widen with fear. The boy lays motionless on the ground,a pool of blood appearing from behind his head.

The assailent turns to the girl. Her eyes are red and tears are falling from her face to the bed. "You have to get away have to get away..."

I sit up immediatly, awoken from my nightmare. I'm panting heavily and sweat is dripping from my forehead. I place my hand over my head and sigh. Im having the dream again. The dream of something that happened five years ago. The reason I was here now. I turn my head and gaze at the alrm clock besides me. 4:54 it reads. I sigh and leap off the sofa bed. I walk over to Diego's room, seeing as this is his apartment.

"Diego man you awa-"

I put my hand over my mouth. Diego's home alright...except he brought the two girls from, the arena with him. I leave the room and quietly shut the door, not even thinking of what they were doing.

As I'm playing around with the Iphone's applications, I hear the shuffling of feet and the door slam shut. I look over my shoudler and see a tired Diego rubbing his eyes.

"Man, those chicks are wild," he murmurs. Suddenly his eyes open wide at the Iphone in my hands. "Damn bro! Where'd you get that?"

I smile at him and stand up. "Let's just say this thing's a gift..a gift for agreeing to fight in an actual fight, not some street scrap."

Diego's face looks like one of complete shock. Then confusion, then excitemnt. "Holy crap man!" He yells. He raises his fist in the air and makes a shaking motion. "We going official now man! Wait a minute," Diego reaches into his pocket and pulls out a list. "I got buncha people who'd be willing to help you train for this fight many weeks?" 


"Three?" Diego says, completly astonished. But he regains his posture and heads to the telephone. "I'm going to make some calls bro, some dudes I know who can help you with conditioning, cardio, and your boxing skills." As he begins to dial the first number, he stops and turns to me. "Wait man...we need a grappling coach too...damnit only guy I know is out of town..."

I wave my hand at him. "No worries bro, I got that covered." He nods before calling in his favours as I lean back on the chair, staring at the number of the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu coach.



The End

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