The First Step

I stare at the kid (who's name was Tyson Dehass) with some interest. So far all I've gotten from him is that he's a rich kid who's dad was some fight club owner. They were hosting an official fight night in order to raise some money and to impress a family friend of theirs.

"You may have heard of him," Tyson pipes up. "His name is Hidalgo Villuarez...maybe you've head of him?"

I clench my fists. "Oh so because his name sounds spanish means I know him huh?" Normally this would be very prejudiced thinking but I've had it up to my ears with these spanish insults and assumptions.   

Tyson waves his hands again. "No, no man! I didn't mean it like that! Just...well he's a big shot fight manager and I thought that being a  champion street fighter would mean you knew him."

I shake my head. "No...remember kid I'm a street fighter not a professional. Hell if I didn't need the cash I'd be walking out right now. Sadly that option isn't one I can take."

Tyson scratches his head. "So you're still in...right?"

I nod. Honestly I'm not in it just for the money. I actually want to test my fighting skils against these "pros". Besides Diego's been bugging me about entering some official bouts, might as well satrt at one where I can earn some big coin.

"Carlos...hey you with me here?"

I close my eyes and exhale, placing my hands on my knees. Tyson stares anxiously at me and  jumps back a bit when I spring to my feet. "Yeah I'm in amigo."

Tyson face immediatly seems to lift, as if a great burden has been lifted off his shoulders. He gets to his  feet and grabs my hand, shaking it violently up and down. "Thanks man, you ain't gonna regret this!" As he begins to head for the gym exit, he suddenly whips about face. "The fight's in three weeks man, get into tip top shape and," he reaches into his pocket and thows me a black object. I grab it and upon closer inspection I  ralize he's thrown me an Ipone.

"Think of this as offeratory gift for your troubles," he says. I gawk at the Iphone, I had seen these commercials at least. I never actually thought I'd ver get to see one up close let alone own one. "The phone's on a contract for fee talk and texting for a year, and it's got my number, the club's number and another number in it."

"And this other number is?" I ask him, still staring at the phone.

I look up and see him smiling. "It's an old friend of mine...also my old fighting coach. He speciizes in BJJ."

"BJJ?" I say, puzzled at the acronym.

"Brazlian Jiu Jitsu bro," Tyson answers. "It's a powerful martial arts based on mostly grappling and submissions."

I nod at him. The only grappling I knew was wrestling, and even then I had used it sparingly. Now would probably be a good chance to learn, seeing as I would be facing against fighters who weren't afraid to bring the fight to the ground. "Alright then... see you in three weeks."

Tyson nods at me before flashing me victory sign. "Alright bro, see you in three weeks! Train hard Carlos "Rapido" Buenivista!" And with that he was gone, leaving me alone in the gym, pondering if I will succeed in my first official fight.  


The End

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