The Granger's

"Whoa...that chick is hot!"

I turn around and glare at a blonde headed kid, casaully looking over my  shoulder and at the picture I'm holding in my hands.

"This picture was taken about two years ago kid." I snap, quickly shoving the picture into my bag. I had gotten into the gym only half an hour ago and aready I was agitated. Not because of my usual anger at my body breaking down from intense physical exaustion, rather at this chatty kid who wouldn't leave me alone. It had started innocently enough, he was going on bragging to a couple guys in the gym of how he was undefeatable. Of course I stepped in and challenged him to fight me. He complied, knowing too late that I was an experienced fighter.

"Two years ago...well she's about...sixteen there so I'm guessing she's not going to look to much different. In fact maybe hotter!"

I raise my fist at the kid and he jumps back, waving his hands in front of him. I'm tempted to hit the kid but before I can he runs off. "Pfft wussy." I say to myself. I begin to walk towards the bench press set, adding two hundred pounds to the weights. I lay down and take a deep breath before gripping the handle of the weights. I inhale quickly as the weights draw close to my chest before exhaling quicker, lifting it into the air. I repeat this twenty times before placing it back on the handle holder. As I pant, I think about what the kid said. Could Anna look different now? Anna is the girl in the picture and somewhat of a sister. Well not biologically.

After I was orphaned, I roamed San Paulo, pick pocketing cash and food so I could survive. One time I was caught, and by a stroke of luck or a blessing from God I met Mr. and Mrs. Granger. They not only payed the man who I tried to steal from but also took me back to their house. Strange? I thought so too until I figured out three things. One the Granger's were a very wealthy family living in Beverly Hills. Two although they already had a child, they wanted another, a boy. Sadly all their attempts had been futile as Mr. Granger had suddenly become infertile. Third thing I learned was they were planning to adopt a child. So that's where I came in. They adopted me legally, seeing as i had no parents or gaurdians. I was introduced to the easy life of America, a life I had been devoid of. For the next fifteen years I was living a paradise life, with the kindly Grangers and my pretty "sister"Annabeth (She likes Anna more).

I sit up from the bench press and make my way towards a large sandbag. I strike a boxing stance, my chin tucked and my fists high. I jab at the sandbag with my right fist several times before ending with a powerful left hook, shaking the sandbag's stand. As I'm punching the bag I begin to think about Anna and of what the kid said. How does Anna look now? I cringe as my face seems to go red, not because of exaustion but of embaressment.

"Getting tired champ?"

I turn around and swear under my breath. The kid's grinning at me, leaning on a treadmill holding my championship belt. "You went into my bag...I'm going to have to beat the crap out of you now."

The kid waves his free hand in front of me. "Hey wait up bro, I got a proposition for you!" I glare at him before taking a step foreward. He jumps back a bit, dropping the belt. He's rapidly waving his arms as he protests, "Hold on, this is once in a lifetime oppurtunity! I can get you into an official fight. Well sorta official."

I stop and consider his offer. "How much do I get If I enter your contest?"

The kid sighs. "Well I can pay for your entry fee, and if you win this thing you get one thousand five hundred dollars."

I blink. That's a decent amount of cash, I could get something with that much dough, maybe even get my own apartment instead of sharing with Diego. I chuckle before sitting down on the floor. "Sit and talk amigo, you got me interested."




The End

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