Remembering the Past

"Carlos? Hey man you even listening to me?"

Of course I can't hear Diego as I am still lost within my thoughts. Thoughts from long ago about a small boy named Carlos Rodrigo Buenivista, born and rasied in San Paulo, Brazil. Living in a slummish neighbourhood with his parents Juarez and Anita Buenivista, life was hard. We were barely getting by...and then they came.

"Carlos...bro you okay?"

I blink, momentarily snapping back to reality. I turn my head and see Diego looking at me funny. I place my hand over my face and wipe away a single tear that is slowly dripping down my face. "Fine man...I'm fine."

Diego stares at me funny before the door bursts open. Two latina chicks strut towards Diego and me, flicking their long brown hair. Diego smiles before leaning close to me. "Dude...check out the muy bueno chica's." 

I smile at him before one of the girls talk. She flicks her dark brown hair again before speaking. " Hola guapo," she purrs to me. I give her a polite smile before turing my attention back to the floor. I was never good with girls. One could say I was scared of them. From my youth to high school I wouldn't even try to speak to a girl, not unless I was being forced to. Well there was one girl...

"Hey Carlos? You down with it?" Diego suddenly speaks up.

I blink twice and look up from the concrete floor. Diego is standing in front of me, his arms around the waists of the two girls. They're giggling still, a finger in their mouth, trying to look seductive for the muscular bad boy champion in front of them. Surprisingly enough I'm unfazed by this. I've seen girls like these two try and do stupid things to get my attention. All those times I merely dismissed their efforts or set them up with Diego. A lot of kisses and pain Diego earned from his player ways.

"Down with what man?" I ask him.

"Me you and the chica's are going to downtown," Diego said. "You up with that?"

I gaze at Diego then at the girl's before shaking my head. "Nah man, you guys can go..I'm gonna stay here...go to a gym maybe."

Diego raises his eye brows. "Alright man...suit yourself," He turns to the two girls wrapped in his arms. "Come on girls, let's hit downtown!" The two girls cheer and as they walk away Diego turns to me and quickly adds "Where's cheapest motel?"

"Motel six." I say to him. He smiles before mouthing "thanks" Then he's gone, leaving me alone with my thoughts in the arena locker room. I sigh and lean on the locker, thinking of my past once more. I remember the corrput officers who accused them of shop lifting. Me dad recoiled against them and they shot him dead. My mother was no better off, they beat her with rods before shooting her. I was hiding the entire time...watching my parents get slaughtered. I didn't do anything about it...

"Yo champ, closing time man." I look up and see the referee tapping on his watch. I turn my attention to the white clock at the front of the room. It's half past twelve, an hour after closing. I thank him before putting a shirt on and grabbing my possesions. Nothing much, just a hoody, shorts, a wallet filled with my prize money, an ornamental belt signifying my championship status and a picture of a well dressed english couple along with a beautiful, dirty blonde haired. A big smile is on her face as her parents seem to laugh at the tanned boy about her age wrapped around her arms. His messy brown hair compliments his shining brown eyes and big smile. That boy was a couple of years ago with a family that had been one I called my own for many years... 

The End

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