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She is abnormally quiet, not like most of the female fourteen year olds here. Maybe she's going through some phase. A man in a black and white suit stood on a podium. " May I have your attention?" he announced, the crowd was instantly quiet. "Today we are having out Vocation ceremony. All the young and maturing teens hear will be able to see if they are eligible for the vocation they signed up for. May all the teens line up." I slowly got up from my seat and walked to the center of the room beside the other people. The people in purple wanted to be warriors, the people in light blue were wanted to be warriors and the people in red wanted to be rogues. I was one of the very few girls wearing purple, I was surrounded by many purple clothed guys. This just made me less confident than I already was. "All your scores are on the board, if you have 650 or higher, you pass." I looked at the board trying to find my name. Melinda Schnider.... I had a 649. My heart ripped in half I was so close to getting in, but I didn't pass. " Those who didn't pass please go take take tour seat next to your parents or guardians." Me and a few other sad faces started walking back but then a man in dark green came through the entrance and handed the announcer a letter. " It seems we have a change, Melinda Schnider, you actually passed with a 680, the highest score yet." my head almost exploded, how could I get the best.
The End

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