Chapter 1: Choices

Evelyn is one of the girls in Coryn who has to choose a vocation to take on to offer their help to Coryn, the city she lives in. She chooses the vocation of warrior and must train her hardest to become number one and to fulfill the promise she made to her father who once lived.

"Today's the day" I thought to myself. The day I choose the vocation I will be taking on. Today is the first part of the Vocation Trials. It's where you choose what you will offer to the city. There are four main vocations, but you can be two at a time if you really want. I am sure that the vocation I choose will be a warrior, I have to. I made a promise to my father and I plan to keep that promise.

I pressed myself of the mattress and slowly got up. I looked at the picture of my father and whispered "Today I'm going to make you proud."

I opened the small wooden closet and put on a light blue dress with a white collar and slipped my feet into brown moccasins and went down the the stairs. As I was walking down the stair case my nose was filled with the aroma of butter. When I reached the end of the staircase my mother asked me "Are you ready so we can eat?"

"You can eat without me, but I do need you to help me with my hair."

"We won't eat without you, your Chance can wait." She said directing her eyes at the little boy with short black hair and small brown eyes. My mother is very serious about the 'no one left behind' rule she made. And takes it very seriously, but I think it doesn't really matter with eating.

"Now let's go upstairs to braid your hair." She walked up the stairs with me trailing behind her because the staircase was too narrow for two people to go at a time. She lead me to her bed room and motioned for me to sit on a wooden stool.

She took out a comb and started pulling it through my hair. Yes, it hurt but it was bearable.
"As you know, to day is your choosing day." She put down the comb to star braiding the hair.
"Have you chosen yet?" She asked calmly but I could tell she was anxious and wanted to know what I was choosing.

My mother use to be a battle healer but now she just works at the hospital to heal people. I could tell that she wanted me to be healer just like her.

"I-I haven't decided yet." I lied, just a little though. I have decided, I decided ever since three years ago.

"We'll I just want you to know that I love you no matter what vocation you choose."
she took a deep breath,"Even if it means you don't follow my footsteps and become a healer. I just hope you try your hardest because that is what will make me proud."

She finished off the braid and put a pink flower in my hair, then lead me to the round mirror with a golden frame. I could see the resemblance between us. We had the same big, dark, and brown eyes and tall slender figure.

"You remind me of myself on my vocation choosing day. She moved the braid from my back and laid on the crook of my neck.

"You look beautiful, but fierce. You look ready for anything." She smiled the same smile I was wearing right now. The same wide bright white smile. She leaned down to kiss my forehead.

"Let's go down and eat, we don't want to keep your brother waiting. I nodded and we made our way down the narrow staircase.

"Finally," Chance sighed,"Why do girls take so long to get ready?" I laughed then sat down and started eating.

"Chance." I said while eating. My mother gave me a look of disapproval because she doesn't like it when people talk while chewing. I finished chewing then continued my sentence.

"When your old enough to choose what will you choose?" Since he is only seven years old I don't expect him to to know exactly, but I want to see if he has his mind set on anything.

"I don't know? Maybe a warrior, so I could chop bad guys heads off." Knowing Chance I expected him to say something like that.

"Killing is not always the answer Chance." My mother said being the peaceful person she is.

"I know." Chance groaned. Our mother would always give us lectures on why killing isn't always necessary, and I do agree with her but they get boring after the...well the first time. When we were done eating we left the house.

The heart of Coryn with people of all ages. Specifically ages thirteen through sixteen. The people those ages would choose their vocations. I could wait till fourteen like most people but I didn't want to have to wait. After the place was mostly filled a fairly young man with brown shirt hair in a black suit stood on a wooden podium.

"Today is a very important day in the city of Coryn. The day when our young people choose what they will offer to this city. Wether they choose to be a healer, Mage, ranger, warrior, or a mix. We should be proud of the fighters for our city." After his little speech the crowd started clapping, then when they were finished he started talking again.

"May our young people come up." About have of the crowd stepped in front of the rest. This next two parts was the part that took the longest. They would give us a paper and pen to write our full name and vocation we wanted on. Then they would announce what we chose one by one.

The long paper was being passed down in a long line and it took about five minutes until it got to me. When the paper finally reached me I quickly wrote my name and the word warrior. When the last person was done we were told to head back to our families. We all proceeded.

I stood there anxiously waiting for them to announce, even though I knew what I thing that made me anxious was the reaction. I know my mother said that she loved no matter what vocation I chose, but I can picture the sad look on her face when they say my name.

After a few moments the man in the black tuxedo stood on podium again.

"I will now announce the vocations they have chosen." He looked at the long paper then continued "Andrea Ruthford chose warrior." Ruthford, I have heard that last name many times. Her family is known for there brutality and braveness. So I expected her to choose that.

The next name I heard was Athena Ross, she had chosen Ranger. I zone out for the rest of the names until mine. When they said my name and vocation I chose I looked at my mother waiting for her reaction. She didn't look angry, but looked a little sad but not much. After he finished reading the rest of the names the crowd applaused.

"Remember there training will start next week. Have a nice day and enjoy the feast the town has prepared." I almost forgot about the food, that is one of my favorite things about Vocation Day.

"Are you mad?" I asked my mother after a few moments.

"No, not at all. I expected you to choose Warrior. If you want to do it I can't stop and I won't stop you." I smiled and hugged her.

"Now go join your friends, Chance and I will be sitting with the neighbors." I nodded and ran off to go find my friends. As I was walking I heard someone call my name. It was the voice of my friend Athena.

"Hey!" I said quickly hugging her."So I never suspected you would choose ranger, you were always more of that peaceful quiet girl. I though you would choose to be a healer for sure." I said after hugging her.

"Well look at you miss warrior." she squeezed my upper arm."you have no muscle, I thought you would be a ranger if anything." To be honest I did want to be a ranger a while ago but after the day my father died I promised I'd take his place as a warrior.

"Well what do you know?" We joined our other friends at the feast table and enjoyed ourselves. After an hour or so I decided to go find my mother and brother but they weren't sitting with the Ross's. I asked them where they went and turned out they left. I thanked them and walked back to my I opened the door to the little house my mother was reading a book to Chance by the glowing fire place.

"May I join?" I asked. who doesn't like a good bed time story every now and then?

'Yeah! Come on." Chance said patting the space beside him. I sat there and listened to the story. The story was about a girl who was lost in the woods and with the help of the mystical creature she found her way home. It was your typical short children's book and was a cute story.

As I was walking to my bedroom there was still a thought in the back of my mind. 'Training' the brutal training of the warrior. Dint get me wrong the other vocations training are hard too. But the like Athena said, I have no muscle, I'm just really tall. I am sure that I will get roughed up, but that's what I signed up for. So that night my head was filled with thoughts of the training until sleep took me over.

The End

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